May ’18 security update for Adobe Flashplayer

Here’s the latest security update for Adobe’s Flash Player plugins.
The version of the flashplayer-plugin (NPAPI plugin for Mozilla based browsers) and the chromium-pepperflash-plugin (PPAPI plugin for Chromium based browsers) was released yesterday and you can find Slackware packages for it in my repository.

Those of you who still can not do without Flash should upgrade to this latest version.

6 thoughts on “May ’18 security update for Adobe Flashplayer

  1. Eric —

    Heads up …

    I went to rsync a copy of chromium-pepperflash-plugin from ~/pkg64/14.2/ and found an empty directory.

    Am I too hasty ?

    Thanks !

    — kjh

  2. Sorry to waste your time Eric.

    I should have spelled out the url:


    — kjh

    p.s. I saw your subsequent post but thought I would ‘fix’ my omission. Sorry …

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