LibreOffice 7.5.1 packages for Slackware 15.0 and -current

I skipped LibreOffice 7.5.0 because I was too busy at the time, but last week there was a release of LibreOffice 7.5.1. I got stuck in my attempts to change my chromium SlackBuild script to run more efficiently on Slackware 15.0, so it seemed like a good time to work on something else than a Google product.

But as with many software products that make a version jump, updating the Libreoffice build script was not completely trivial. Not as bad though as with Chromium. Eventually, I was able to come up with nice working binaries and I have already uploaded those to my repository and its US and UK mirrors.

These packages are targeting Slackware 15.0 and newer.
Note that my libreoffice package depends on openjdk11.

The link above to the release announcement also lists the most important new features that come with LibreOffice 7.5.x. Well worth checking out.

17 thoughts on “LibreOffice 7.5.1 packages for Slackware 15.0 and -current

  1. Thanks $1M Eric.
    I’ve been running libreoffice-7.5.1-x86_64-1alien since yesterday afternoon ( America/Chicago Time ) and it works very well.
    Thanks again for all that you do !
    — kjh

  2. Thanks Eric for taking your time to share this.

    One question at the risk of stating the obvious… You said: “Note that my libreoffice package depends on openjdk11”, but checking my system (slackware current) I do not have openjdk installed:

    slackpkg search openjdk
    [unin] alienbob : openjdk-8u362_b09-x86_64-1alien
    [unin] alienbob : openjdk11-11.0.18_10-x86_64-1alien
    [unin] alienbob : openjdk7-7u321_b01-x86_64-1alien
    [unin] alienbob : openjre-8u362_b09-x86_64-1alien

    Libreoffice is working ok. Please clarify (only applies for Slackware 15 and not current?). Thanks in advance for your traditional help.


    1. At runtime, you will find that some database functionality, and some plugins and extensions require Java 11. Other than that, your LibreOffice programs will run just fine without Java.

      At build-time, not having Java 11 installed will prevent some of LibreOffice’s functionality to be compiled into the final product.

  3. From a Slackware newbie, thanks for your contributions. I understand the “making script run more efficiently”. I spent a few hours building a simple efficient and error checking custom EFI booting kernel install script, not quite done yet good enough to my standards. Last time I was doing scripts in bash was Solaris 8, so relearning and learning new. I hope to soon contribute a slackbuild for a couple of things. This curious mind wants to know, did you achieve your desired efficiency of your chromium slackbuild scripts?

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  5. Works fine on current 🙂

    Thanks for your work and for your help in ##slackware (as i am a pretty new Slackware current user on actual hardware)

    1. Hi 3rensho,
      I have updated my laptop to latest -current with the llvm-16.0.0 and my own latest libreoffice-7.5.2 packages and I see no issue. The LibreOffice applications start up without any error, even when started from a console.
      There might be another 3rd-party program or library installed on your own computer that fails because of the new LLVM.
      For reference: this is a T460 laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520 and using the i915 kernel driver.

      1. Thank you for checking it. I appreciate your efforts with Slackware. It was working fine yesterday and then today after the LLVM upgrade it was complaining about something in LLVM. Will look further.

        1. After discussing on the coreteam channel, it looks like opencl is the real culprit here.
          You could try disabling the use of opencl in LibreOffice – type:
          export SAL_DISABLE_OPENCL=1 in a terminal and then start one of the LibreOffice programs from that terminal to verify.

  6. Eric —
    libreoffice-7.5.2-x86_64-1alien has been running fine on my Slackware64 15.0 + Multilib System since yesterday morning ( Mar 31 09:59 America/Chicago )
    Thank You !

    Speaking of MultiLib …
    Just a heads up, Eric:
    I am not sure where to post this but Slackware 15.0 got a curl version bump last week to curl-8.0.1-x86_64-1_slack15.0
    I run your script with every Slackware Update so I am up-to-date with curl-compat32-8.0.1-x86_64-1_slack15.0compat32
    However, the official repo still has curl-compat32-7.88.1-x86_64-1_slack15.0compat32.txz
    Thanks for everything, Eric !
    — kjh

  7. Eric —
    Just now installed libreoffice-7.5.4-x86_64-1alien and the supporting Packages.
    Took it for a quick spin and what I need from ‘Excel’ is working very well as always.
    Thanks for all your support !
    — kjh

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