KDE Plasma 5 August 2020 release for Slackware

New Plasma5 packages for Slackware-current are ready for download & installation. I skipped July (holiday season) and so here is KDE-5_20.08 aka my August 2020 release. Be sure to read the upgrade instructions very carefully to prevent  breakage, because starting with my June batch the goal is to remove Slackware’s ConsoleKit2 and replace it with elogind!.

It would not harm if you (re-)read my previous blog article about Plasma5, “Replacing ConsoleKit2 with elogind – first steps“. It has a lot more detail about the reasons for this move as well as guidance on using the Wayland Window Manager (as a test) instead of regular X.Org. Note that Wayland sessions still need a lot of maturing and X.Org will remain Slackware’s default choice.

A repeat from that article: with elogind as the session/seat manager instead of ConsoleKit2, you’ll see some new behaviour. A quite obvious change: if you run ‘startx’ or ‘startkwayland’ at the console, you won’t see a VT (virtual terminal) switch. In the past, your console TTY would usually be tty1 but your graphical session would start on tty7 and you would automatically be switched from tty1 to tty7. This is no longer true – the graphical session will re-use your console TTY.
SDDM is still starting on tty7 but only because I make it do so via its configuration file.

What news is there to tell about KDE-5_20.08?

This August ktown release contains the KDE Frameworks 5.72.0, Plasma 5.19.4 and Applications 20.04.3. All this on top of the Qt 5.15.0 in Slackware-current.

The ‘deps’ section got a bit smaller again this month:

  • pcaudiolib, espeak-ng, hack-fonts-ttf, noto-fonts-ttf, and noto-cjk-fonts-ttf were moved into the actual Slackware distro. Things are progressing nicely in that regard.
  • flite has been removed since Pat decided we will go with just espeak-ng.
  • a new package ‘pipewire’ was added as a dependency for krfb and xdg-desktop-portal-kde.
  • The elogind-aware dbus package was upgraded to match the Slackware version.
  • Finally, qca-qt5 was upgraded and I recompiled mlt (to fix the broken kdenlive) and speech-dispatcher.

Frameworks 5.72.0 is an incremental stability release, see: https://kde.org/announcements/kde-frameworks-5.72.0. A new ‘kdav’ source tarball got added but that is actually the same package you’ll find in KDEPIM. Next batch, the actual kdav package will be built from Frameworks sources.

Plasma 5.19.4 is a further increment of the 5.19 cycle (5.19.5 will be the last, in September). See https://kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.19.4 and if you want to read more about the goals for 5.19 you should check out https://kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.19.0 .

In plasma-extra In plasma-extra I rebuilt sddm-qt5 to install man pages correctly, and upgraded plasma-wayland-protocols and wacomtablet.

Applications 20.04.3 is an incremental bug fix release, see also https://kde.org/announcements/releases/2020-07-apps-update/

For applications-extra, I updated digikam, krita, libktorrent and ktorrent, and skanlite.
Note that the size of the digikam source tarball ‘blew up’ due to the addition of new neural network facial recognition data files, but the actual package ‘only’ grew from 97 to 108 MB.

KDE Telepathy is no longer part of my ‘ktown’ distribution of KDE Plasma5.

KDE Sources:
Not so visible but important nevertheless is this month’s contribution of Patrick Volkerding who validated all the KDE slack-desc files and enhanced/polished a lot of them. He also cleaned out the ‘patches’ directory and removed all the obsolete patches that are not being applied anymore. As you also will have noticed, Pat is slowly picking packages out of my ‘deps’ and adding them to Slackware. Even espeak-ng which I had not expected to happen.

Where to get KDE Plasma5 for Slackware

It should be obvious, but these packages will not work on Slackware 14.2. The old (KDE 5_17.11) Plasma5 packages that were still in my ‘ktown’ repository for Slackware 14.2 were removed in May 2020 because they were un-maintained and had security issues.

Download the KDE-5_20.08 for Slackware-current from the usual location at https://slackware.nl/alien-kde/current/ or one of its mirrors like http://slackware.uk/people/alien-kde/current/ .

Check out the README file in the root of the repository for detailed installation or upgrade instructions.

BIG FAT WARNING: Read these README instructions carefully if you do not yet have elogind installed (i.e. if you did not install the ktown June 2020 release previously)!
In short:

  1. UPGRADE TO THE LATEST slackware-current first.
  2. Then, REMOVE the ConsoleKit2 package if you had not installed my June ktown batch before.
  3. Next, install or upgrade the KDE5 package set.
  4. Change to directory /usr/share/sddm/scripts/ and move the Xession.new & Xsetup.new files into place (remove the .new extension) after carefully checking that you are not overwriting your own customizations in the Xsession & Xsetup scripts. Note: because “slackpkg new-config” only looks inside the /etc/ directory it will miss the two scripts in /usr/share/sddm/scripts/.
    You’ll still have to manually check /etc/ for some critical *.new files that need to be put into place if you are not using slackpkg (which does this *.new check at the end of its run).
  5. Finally, REBOOT.

Development of Plasma5 is tracked in git: https://git.slackware.nl/ktown/ and this month’s development took place in the ‘elogind‘ branch. I will fold these elogind developments back into the master branch soon.

A new Plasma5 Live ISO will be available soon at https://slackware.nl/slackware-live/latest/ (rsync://slackware.nl/mirrors/slackware-live/latest/) with user/pass being “live/live” as always.

Have fun! Eric

39 thoughts on “KDE Plasma 5 August 2020 release for Slackware

  1. Hi, Eric. Thanks for the update! As is my wont, I jumped on it quickly. The first thing I notice is there are no shutdown options in the Leave menu. I tried disabling and re-enabling the “Offer shutdown options” setting in Sytem Settings. No change. I had already installed the June update of KDE Plasma, so the necessary files were already in place in /usr/share/sddm/scripts. Not sure where to look, but will keep trying to figure it out.


    1. Closer to a solution:

      upowerd[11635] trap int3 ip:7ffb4d72bfc5 sp:7ffe97ff17e0 error:0 in libglib-2.0.so.0.6400.4[7ffb4d6f3000+7e000]

      1. Hi,

        I have also no shutdown options in the Leave menu. Additionally the battery is not recognized (no batteries available).

      2. Thanks Eric!

        Same upower issues here:

        $ upower -e
        (upower:3765): libupower-glib-WARNING **: 07:30:27.629: Couldn’t enumerate devices: Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying
        (upower:3765): UPower-WARNING **: 07:30:27.630: failed to enumerate: Message recipient disconnected from message bus without replying

        None of the power management features works as they used to: battery indicator labeled with a red X, no display dim, power management tabs in system configurations gone, shutdown options limited to end session and such.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Glad to see the transition process inside Slackware to KDE5.

    How is this internal Slackware process to finally have KDE5 in an official Slackware release?

    Is there a Slackware Committee to approve and define Slackware roadmap for future releases?

    Has Pat used this KDE5 Slackware?

    Thanks again for your contribution and for insisting on this changes.

  3. Thanks Eric for the update. I have a problem with ktorrent. It seems to start (blue circle spins) and then nothing. ps -ef shows that ktorrent is running but there is no gui. Also, Pat upgraded Polkit but when I install your new plasma5 it down grades it to 0.16 from Pats 0.17. Is this the problem? If I start ktorrent from the command line as me I just get back to my prom/home/tom# ktorrent
    QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1000, 1000 instead of 0
    QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1000, 1000 instead of 0
    QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1000, 1000 instead of 0
    QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1000, 1000 instead of 0
    QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1000, 1000 instead of 0
    “Session bus not found\nTo circumvent this problem try the following command (with Linux and bash)\nexport $(dbus-launch)”pt. If I try it as root I get –

  4. I had asked Pat if anything disruptive would be added to -current this week when I prepared for a new set of Plsama5 packages and he said he did not.
    However, I think that:
    l/mozjs60-60.9.0esr-x86_64-1.txz: Removed.
    l/mozjs68-68.11.0esr-x86_64-1.txz: Added.
    … may be pretty disruptive. If you removed mozjs60 from your computer while keeping my patched polkit-116 package I do not know what happens.
    My laptop is still not up to date but the desktop has the latest Slackware Plasma but with the older mozjs60 package (I upgraded right before the update in -current of “Fri Jul 31 22:00:05 UTC 2020”) and it has the shutdown/reboot menu present.

    Perhaps an update of polkit in my Plasma5 package set would help.

      1. I confirm all upower/polkit functions are back after downgrading mozjs68 to mozjs60.

        I’ll wait for your updated polkit-117 compiled against mozjs68.

        Thanks again, Eric.

  5. The issues with the missing reboot/shutdown and ktorrent not starting its GUI are both not occurring after I remove mozjs60, install mozjs68 and compile a polkit-117 package with elogind support.
    So I will provide an updated polkit hopefully somewhere later this weekend.

    1. Thank you Eric for your great work.

      Returning to the mozjs60 also fixed the battery not recognized bug. This temporarily solution is good enough until the new polkit-117 package.

  6. I have updated polkit in the ‘ktown’ repository to 0.117 so you all can safely do a normal Slackware-current upgrade now.
    By the way, mozjs60 and mozjs68 packages can co-exist on your computer.

    1. Thank you so much, Eric! That did it. Shutdown and Restart options are back. “Somewhere later this weekend”, indeed! 🙂

  7. Hi.
    Thanks for a perfect work!

    After update i have a problem with kdevelop from package kdevelop-5.5.1-i586-1alien:
    /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/kdevplatform/33/kdevgdb.so and
    /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/kdevplatform/33/kdevlldb.so – libprocessui.so.7 – not found (

    Please upgrade and rebuild kdevelop* packages in your repository.

    Many Thanks!

  8. Hi Eric! Upgraded and everything went ok except for the lack of shutdown/poweroff options. Upgraded to the new polkit and everything is OK again. Thanks for providing us an excellent implementation of Plasma 5!

  9. Hi Eric,

    Are the font packages provided by Slackware and yours different? Right now there’s a subtle name difference (yours use “font” while Slackware use “fonts”). It is safe to replace your font packages with the ones from Slackware?

    Thanks again for providing Plasma,


      1. Eduardo is probably refering to you packages hack-font-ttf and noto-cjk-font-ttf, Slackware’s packages are named hack-fonts-ttf and noto-cjk-fonts-ttf.

        I removed your packages and installed Slackware’s versions and besides some difference in the size of some fonts (most noticeable in Akregator’s feeds and some websites) they’re working just fine for me.

          1. Also interesting fact: my noto-font-ttf package contained a lot of fonts that are not found in the package ‘noto-fonts-ttf’ which landed in Slackware. I’ll have to check with Pat.

  10. Now my Wacom Intuos behaves just like in Windows10, relative mode no longer works. My arm gets tired playing speed-kshisen, instead of keeping my palm in place and moving the stylus with short finger motions, back to the old forearm swing across the full tablet.

    1. The wacomtablet package was updated – if that is the cause then perhaps look for bug reports there, or create a bug report yourself? I do not own one so I can not test.

      1. No worries, I built wacomtablet-3.2.0 against the updates. Works as advertised. Don’t know what they did to break Relative Mode. A recent change for 3.3.0 deals with empty members of a string list. How they can possibly get empty value in a string list is left as an exercise. Maybe a string value isn’t checked before appending to the list?

  11. Thanks again for the updated KDE 5 packages. I was a bit late to the party so I directly picked up the corrected polkit package. As a consequence, my upgrade went smoothly 🙂
    Regarding Noto fonts, after a quick look, the Slackware package does not contain any UI fonts (except for NotoNaskhArabicUI but it looks like an omission), nor any font whose name doesn’t start with Noto (Arimo, Cousine, Tinos) and it has a new NotoMono font that was not available in the ktown package.

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  13. I missed the new dependencies upgrading from June release and yes, it broke.
    Back to normal after getting slackpkgplus to fetch those dependencies, thanks for the good work.

  14. Does it works correctly with NVIDIA 390.138 driver? Installation of previous plasma with elogind had some problems with animation.

    1. Aleksandras are you referring to Wayland sessions or do you have issues in a regular X.Org session?
      My desktop uses the 440.100 version of the Nvidia drivers (my card is new enough not to need the legacy drivers) and I do not have issues, but I do not use Wayland myself.

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