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I posted new KDE 4.5.3 packages

KDE 4.5.3

Yesterday, KDE team released version 4.5.3 of the KDE Software Compilation.

I have created Slackware packages for the new release. I am fairly certain that Slackware -current will be updated to this version as well, but at the moment I do not have a time frame for that. Before it gets added, I expect that slackware-current has other updates first.

In the meantime, you can download and install my packages and play around. There are stability and speed improvements so it is strongly advised to update if you were already running my KDE 4.5.2 packages. Just like with the previous set of 4.5.2 packages I created, you do not have to update or install any additional packages. A fully up to date Slackware-current (32-bit or 64-bit) is all you need.

Read the installation/upgrade instructions for my KDE 4.5.3 packages first. Then, get my packages,



Enjoy, Eric


  1. escaflown

    Thanks Eric!

  2. Nick Blizzard

    Sweet. Can’t wait to check this out 🙂

  3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

    Asian mirror:

  4. Ralph


    Is it possible to install KDE4-4.5.3 without upgrading to the new gcc/glibc?

  5. alienbob

    @Ralph –
    You do not need the new gcc packages for KDE4, however the slackware-current kernel has been built with the new gcc. If you stick to the old gcc you will not be able to compile additional kernel modules. Another thing: gcc update happened 3 weeks ago and a lot of additional changes occurred since then. I would not advise to install my KDE 4.5.3 packages on a slackware-current system that is as far outdated as yours apparently is.

    And the new glibc is something you’ll definitely need if you want to run these KDE 4.5.3 packages.


  6. Igor

    Hi Eri,
    Please check the taper mirror:

    /usr/bin/rsync -avz –progress –delete rsync:// /my/path

    receiving incremental file list
    alien-kde -> /mirrors.local/alien-kde

    sent 32 bytes received 685 bytes 204.86 bytes/sec
    total size is 24 speedup is 0.03

  7. mlangdn

    Thanks Eric! Downloading now, but will have to wait until morning. I’m sleepy. 🙂

  8. rahulrp

    Are there no deps for 4.5.3?

  9. alienbob

    @Igor –

    You need to add a slash at the end:
    /usr/bin/rsync -avz –progress –delete rsync:// /my/path/alien-kde/


  10. alienbob

    @rahulrp –

    Like I already wrote in the blog article: “you do not have to update or install any additional packages”…


  11. gene

    Thanks for the packages, Eric! On a related note, what are teh odds that Qt 4.7 is going to make it into -current in the near future? It’s needed to make kwebkit work properly, and for the newer versions of rekonq.

  12. icebox

    Updating to the latest -current broke kde for me. It misses liblzma (sorry, writting from memory as I am now at work)

  13. alienbob

    @icebox –

    The aaa_elflibs package should have been upgraded as well (it should have been the first package to upgrade actually) unfortunately slackpkg has that package blacklisted.

    You can still upgrade aaa_elflibs now, but in that case at least also “upgrade –reinstall” the following two packages to fix broken symlinks: lvm2 and e2fsprogs.

    You can also apply the package updates published on “Tue Nov 16 23:38:13 UTC 2010”. That update has yet another aaa_elflibs update as well as an updated lvm2 package.


  14. Anderson

    Where is the Kde 4.6? 😀


  15. alienbob

    @Anderson –

    There is no KDE 4.6 yet.
    There is a 4.6-beta2 which requires some additional dependencies. I am building 64-bit packages at this moment. I will test those first, before I create another set for 32-bit slackware-current.


  16. Anderson

    Hey Eric.
    Thanks for your answer (Sorry my poor english, I’m a brazilian guy 😉 ).
    I wanted to say 4.6-beta2.
    I wait for the 32-bits packages.
    Congratulations for you work, thanks again.

  17. Louis

    Hi Eric! I am trying to update my home theater PC (slack64-13.1) to KDE 4.5.3 (currently running KDE4.4.3) to fix minor bugs and cant find your 4.5.3 packages…

    I am not interested in beta packages (4.5.85) since I treat this machine as an appliance.

    Thanks and good work!

  18. alienbob

    @Louis –

    The KDE 4.5.3 packages were not meant for Slackware 13.1. I created those packages for slackware-current. When KDE 4.5.4 was added to slackware-current, it made my 4.5.3 packages redundant. That’s when I replaced them with 4.5.85 packages.


  19. Louis


    so to fix some minor bugs I have with 4.4.3 under slack64 13.1, what would you recommend? People at KDE-bugs recommended to test KDE 4.6 or anything just as new… Would you think your 4.5.85 packages result in a broken machine? My understanding is that 4.5.85 is not considered stable right?

    Thanks again for replying!

  20. alienbob

    @Louis –

    Two things: KDE 4.5.85 is a beta version and contains bugs that may be worse than the ones you are experiencing now.
    Furthermore, the packages I created for KDE 4.5.85 will not work with Slackware 13.1, you need Slackware-current (or soon Slackware 13.2) for that.

    If I were you, I’d wait a little and then upgrade to Slackware 13.2. By then I will have packages for a stable KDE 4.6 (that version will not be part of the upcoming stable Slackware release) or you can of course stick with the next Slackware’s KDE 4.5.4 which is very stable.


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