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Happy birthday Audacity: 20 years

Here is a next update for my ‘Digital Audio Workstation’ (DAW) software collection.

Today, 28th of May 2020, the Audacity multi-track audio recorder turns 20 years old! This is a nice moment to also release the Slackware packages (only targeting -current, sorry) for their latest and greatest, Audacity 2.4.1 which was released a week ago as a quick bug-fix to the long-awaited 2.4.0.

Along with this new Audacity release, I also have new packages for wxGTK3 ( which you’ll need for Audacity to show its graphical user interface:

Get the packages here and note that you will also need to install jack2, ladspa_sdk and vamp-plugin-sdk packages:

Have fun! Eric


  1. KG Hammarlund

    Great job, thanks! And nice to see that you were able to circumvent cmake.

  2. Jen

    Nice, thanks! Audacity is kind of a pain in the ass to compile.

  3. KG Hammarlund

    Just noted the following in the changelog:
    “wxGTK3: updated to Also added gtk2 components.”
    Does this mean that your wxGTK-2.8.12 package is no longer needed, provided that one has upgraded to your new wxGTK3 package?
    I’m pretty sure that I have some program built from SBo installed that requires wxGTK2, even if I can’t remember which one right now.

    • alienbob

      There’s a version jump for wxWidgets from 2.8 to 3.0 which you’ll see reflected in directory names and library ‘.so’ versions, so I do not think that wxGTK3 this is a drop-in replacement for wxGTK.
      What you could try though is trying to recompile your programs and adding lines to your SlackBuild script.

      Like: export WX_CONFIG=”/usr/bin/wx-config-gtk2″ in the environment.
      And if the cmake/configure needs it, point them to the config executable “/usr/bin/wx-config-gtk2” and/or the wxrc executable “/usr/bin/wxrc-3.0” by setting appropriate parameters (check ccmake or configure outputs).

  4. KG Hammarlund

    Hmm, seems as if the new wxGTK3- package is built with static libraries?
    Filezilla, for instance, gives the error message “error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory” and yes – /usr/lib64 does not contain but libwx_gtk2u_aui-3.0.a

    • alienbob

      Yes, like the older wxGTK3 package, it does not contain shared libraries.
      That was not intentional… audacity uses the static libraries so that it does not depend on a separate wxGTK3 package at runtime.
      I will recompile the wxGTK package at some point, changing “–disable-shared” to “–enable-shared –enable-static”.

  5. KG Hammarlund

    Odd, I was convinced that my previous wxGTK3 package was yours as well. But since filezilla worked before the upgrade it must have been a SBo build.
    Recompiled wxGTK3 after editing your buildscript with your suggested changes and all is well, thanks!

  6. lockywolf

    Hello, Eric.

    Could you remove the line “export MANPATH=”${MANPATH}:${JAVA_HOME}/man”

    from the slackbuild for OpenJDK8


    It is not really useful there. It confuses xman, and is already covered by /etc/man_db.conf separately.

    Thank you.

    • alienbob

      Nice try, but I build the package for several Slackware releases and there are people using Java on older versions of Slackware than -current. I do not have a /etc/man_db.conf here and xman is perfectly happy showing me the java related man pages.

  7. KG Hammarlund

    Noticed that audacity-2.4.2 has been released. Juat a few minor changes/bugfixes so maybe not worth spending time to compile, since:
    1) compiling now needs wxGTK3-3.1.3
    2) it seems as if building with “configure” no longer works, cmake is the only option

    • alienbob

      I’ll upload audacity-2.4.2 today, using cmake and an internal version of wxWidgets 3.1.3.
      I could not fix the compilation of the internal libsoxr on 32bit so I had to add a separate soxr package and link against that.

  8. KG Hammarlund

    Thanks, Eric, you made my day! Had planned to compile wxWidgets (after realising that a mere wxGTK3 upgrade wasn’t enough) and then try to compile the new audacity version. I much prefer your solution adding wxWidgets as an internal part of the package.
    Lost my excuse for postponing mowing the lawn, but that’s a small price to pay…

  9. KG Hammarlund

    Audacity-3.0.0 has been released. I tried compiling using your buildscript with the wxWidget, but it seems as buildscript changes are required (no /tmp/build/package-audacity/usr/lib64 directory created).
    Not that the changelog mentions dramatic improvements, but of course an upgrade would be appreciated when you can find the time!

    • alienbob

      I’ll see what I can do. Currently rebuilding chromium-ungoogled for Slackware 14.2.

      • Jen

        Thanks for the new package!

  10. mickski56

    I also tried just changing the version number in the build script.
    before the latest packages were uploaded, tho I’m on 14.2 anyway.
    In the src_checkout function the line
    && cd ${PBASE} \
    should read
    && cd ${PBASE}
    i.e no line continuation, after this change all works as expected.

  11. KG Hammarlund

    The buildscript wizard of Eindhoven did it again. Thanks for the new package.

  12. gegechris99

    Hi Eric,
    Audacity 3.0 depends on your soxr package. I don’t think it’s mentioned somewhere.

  13. gegechris99

    I forgot to add that I’m referring to Audacity 3.0 64bit edition.
    soxr is mentioned as a dependency only for 32bit in the changelog.

    • alienbob

      I think I inadvertently re-introduced external soxr dependency… sorry for that.
      If audacity is built without soxr present already, it will use its own internal version of that code. I must have had soxr installed by my “install all deps in one line” script for audacity in the VM.

  14. gegechris99

    Thanks for clarification.

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