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HandBrake 1.1.0 – now also in a patent-friendly package

handbrake_logoA new release of HandBrake, the video transcoder/ripper. The version 1.1.0 (released last month) comes with a load of enhancements, bug fixes and new features. Read the announcement to get all the details.

And its GTK+-3 based GUI still compiles on Slackware 14.2. The devs must have done something right. Thank you! Still, it is sad that I can not compile the HandBrake GUI on Slackware 14.1 – or older – due to the GTK+-3 requirement (how I wish that the Qt based GUI was still an option). You could still build the CLI-only variant I suppose. But it might also be a good idea to upgrade to Slackware 14.2 if you thought of running the graphical HandBrake program…

I did not test the program’s functionality yet, mainly because I don’t have a need for a video ripper/transcoder myself, but I appreciate your feedback about the Slackware package. Note that my ‘handbrake‘ package does not have any external dependencies – unlike the version.
Install and run, it’s that simple. Everything you need is compiled statically into the package. The ‘HandBrakeCLI‘ program is the command-line variant, whereas ‘ghb‘ is the GUI variant of HandBrake, also found in the “Multimedia” menu of your desktop environment.

One important change compared to previous releases is that you’ll find a ‘handbrake’ package in my regular repository as of now. Similar to my ‘ffmpeg‘ and ‘vlc‘ packages, I have introduced a variable “USE_PATENTS” and set it to “NO” to disable the patent-encumbered AAC encoder. That produces a package which can be re-distributed without restrictions – including on the Slackware server in the US.

Packages for Slackware 14.2 and -current with AAC audio encoding support can be obtained from my “restricted” repository:

The variant which does not support AAC audio encoding can be downloaded from the regular repository:



  1. Darth Vader

    Thanks, Eric!

    After MP3 became royalty free, the patent-friendly Handbrake is still fully useful for re-encoding. 😉

  2. Matt Dinslage (Daedra)

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the update, I would like to request one small cosmetic adjustment to the buildscript. When you use the convert command to convert the .svg icon to .png for the hicolor directory can you use “convert -background none”. This way the handbrake icons don’t have an ugly white background but are transparent.


  3. alienbob

    Matt, I can add that to the build script and upload that. Actual new packages with transparent backgrounds will have to wait for a new HandBrake release.

  4. Matt Dinslage (Daedra)

    That’s not a problem, I built my own package with the transparent background. Thanks again for everything 🙂

  5. Xavier

    Hi Eric

    After upgrading libidn and libidn2 vlc give me this error
    “vlc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

  6. Anotherone

    Hello Alienbob how are you?

    Bob, I think the KDE and anothers environment like GNOME already showed to us, that would not be a good partner to Slackware. I think we need respect them, and walk really with guys that would like to have Slackware near.

    So many desktop environments and famous, but there are new and modern desktops, that are known, but not so famous in use yeat.

    I believe that its time to Slackware to venture into new waters, and not more in trouble waters.

    We don\’t have more age and time for this, and we could use the free time in really in things that are really necessary and good for the community.

    I think this would be healthy to you, and Patrick, to stop to punch a knife.

    I would like to suggest to you take a look in 02 new Desktop Environments: Deeping ( and Pantheon ( You can search more about them in Google.

    Would be awesome talk to them, and let us know if they one be our \”new friends\”.

    P.S.: I used Slackware since the born. The only linux distro that I admire today that is not a \”spoiled child\” is Debian (I miss Ian, I loved our \”flame ware\” Slackware vs Debian. Lose Ian is like, a part of us that we lose. We need to do something not only for us, but something in honor of him. It would be like to thank all that we are because of him.

    Maybe I am drunk?! … I am feeling like a fool coming here and talk about it ..

    Forget about it …

  7. Anotherone

    Ah just one more thing.

    I think its time to stop wasting our precious times.

    Its time to smash some “heads”, following a KISS way and not a masochist path. You need to have time to your friends and family.

    Lets put order in the Linux world, and show who is boss, and who really need our respect and walk with us.

    “whoever spares the wolves sacrifices the sheep!”

    For Ian!

  8. alienbob

    Anotherone, I hope you sober up fast. Bye. The debian blogs are that way –>

  9. KG Hammarlund

    For some reason the new HandBrake version refuses to rip a DVD. It scans for titles/chapters and, apparently, finds them (they flash by), but then ends with the message ‘No title found’.
    No error messages when run from terminal.
    I downgraded to your 1.0.3 package, which I for some reason had saved, and that one works fine (a surprise that it wasn’t affected by the huge April upgrades).

  10. KG Hammarlund

    tried to rebuild the package using your build script (restricted) and the build failed:

    Build is finished!
    You may now cd into ./build and examine the output.
    /usr/bin/g++ -pipe -Wl,-S -fmessage-length=0 -Wall -g0 -O3 -mfpmath=sse -msse2 -DUSE_X265 -I./libhb/ -I./contrib/include -I/usr/include/libxml2 -o HandBrakeCLI -Wl,–start-group test/parsecsv.o test/test.o ./libhb/libhandbrake.a -L./contrib/lib -lass -lavresample -lavformat -lavcodec -lavfilter -lavutil -lmp3lame -ldvdnav -ldvdread -lfribidi -lsamplerate -lswscale -lvpx -ltheoraenc -ltheoradec -lvorbis -lvorbisenc -logg -lx264 -lbluray -lfreetype -lxml2 -lbz2 -lz -ljansson -lharfbuzz -lopus -lfontconfig -lfdk-aac -lx265 -lpthread -ldl -lm -Wl,–end-group
    /usr/bin/ld: ./contrib/lib/libfribidi.a(fribidi-bidi.o): undefined reference to symbol ‘g_free’
    /usr/lib64/ error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [../test/module.rules:33: HandBrakeCLI] Error 1
    /usr/bin/mkdir -p /tmp/build/package-handbrake/usr/bin/
    /usr/bin/cp ./HandBrakeCLI /tmp/build/package-handbrake/usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI
    /usr/bin/cp: cannot stat ‘./HandBrakeCLI’: No such file or directory
    make: *** [../test/module.rules:20: test.install] Error 1
    ./handbrake.SlackBuild FAILED at line 422

    Maybe the explanation why it doesn’t work is hidden there somewhere?

  11. KG Hammarlund

    [and continued…]

    When Handbrake failed finding titles the activity log contained:

    scan: video geometry information does not match buffer

    I built a handbrake 1.1.0 pkg from source the oldfashioned way:
    .configure –prefix=/~
    make install
    make pkg

    With this package I have no issues when ripping a commercial DVD.

  12. DaveO

    Same issue with build with handbrake.SlackBuild failing but here it is not finding an include file:

    : ../libhb/decssasub.c:31:10: fatal error: ass/ass.h: No such file or directory
    : #include
    : ^~~~~~~~~~~
    : compilation terminated.
    : gmake: *** [../libhb/module.rules:12: libhb/decssasub.o] Error 1
    : gmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs….

    libass-0.14.0.tar.gz is in the download directory.

  13. KG Hammarlund

    try install libass (via and see if that helps. Got the same error message when building from source, and installing libass fixed it.

  14. alienbob

    Remember that I compile on a clean Slackware. The two of you most probably have many 3rd party packages installed which causes these errors I don’t see here.
    If you find patches for them and they don’t break my own build here, then I am willing to apply them to my package script.

  15. DaveO

    The patches directory was messed up. It builds fine now.
    ghb from the prebuilt alien package and also the alien package built localy immediately segfaults whenever any source is opened. Last thing in the activity log:

    10:32:05] Preset Windows Phone 8: Invalid audio encoder (aac)
    [10:32:05] hb_init: starting libhb thread
    [10:32:05] hb_init: starting libhb thread
    [10:32:05] hb_init: starting libhb thread

    Thread 20 “ghb” received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
    [Switching to Thread 0x7fffb63ae700 (LWP 15496)]
    0x00000000004aacb1 in ?? ()
    (gdb) bt
    #0 0x00000000004aacb1 in ()
    #1 0x0000000000493cb0 in ()
    #2 0x0000000000479d6b in ()
    #3 0x00007ffff2544637 in start_thread () at /lib64/
    #4 0x00007fffedf81e8f in clone () at /lib64/

    ghb built from the official site works.

  16. alienbob

    Yeah, ghb crashes on opening a file here as well. If you find the cause, tell me.

  17. Andrew Strong

    Thanks for your work on Handbrake!
    Looks like the new libvpx on -current (February 6th 2019) has a new shared library .so-version bump to while the Hanbrake package handbrake-1.1.2-x86_64-1alien.txz looks for
    I am going to rebuild but I thought a ‘heads-up’ might be useful…

  18. alienbob

    Hi Andrew,
    I think I will take this opportunity to upgrade Handbrake to 1.2.2.

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