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December packages for Slackware’s Plasma 5 – focus shift

Jingle Bells galore! I have some goodies for you, right before Christmas. If your winter holiday starts today, there’s some nice new stuff to play with – especially if you have not dared touch slackware-current until now. Perhaps it’s time to free up a partition on your hard drive now?

The KDE Applications 17.12 have been released by the KDE community. This set of KDE applications is completely free of the legacy KDE4 stuff (kdelibs4). The KDE developers have removed everything from their regular release cycles that is still based on kdelibs4 and/or unmaintained or broken anyway.

This made me consider my strategy for future upgrades in my ‘ktown’ repository. I expect that users of Slackware 14.2 are typically still using all kinds of 3rd party applications that are dependent on KDE4. If I just went ahead and removed all KDE4 support from the ‘14.2‘ section of the repository, that would likely not be received well. On the other hand, I want to go forward with Plasma 5 and make sure that the scripts and sources are in good condition to transition to Slackware-current when Pat feels the time is right. Plus, a complete removal of old KDE4 stuff needs testing too. Perhaps (small) parts of the old KDE4 should be re-added to support older applications… what do I know. For that reason I have left the ‘kdelibs‘ package in its ‘kde4’ subdirectory.

I have decided to freeze the ‘ktown’ package repository for Slackware 14.2 (for 64bit; I had already ceased 32bit updates a while ago). It will stay as-is and will not get updates anymore (unless something serious happens and a need for updates is present). From this December ’17 release onward, I will focus exclusively on Slackware-current (both 32bit and 64bit) with my Plasma 5 packages in ‘ktown‘.
The remainder of this article is perhaps only relevant if you are (or want to start) running -current.

So here we are. The December ’17 set of Plasma 5 packages for Slackware -current. My KDE-5_17.12 contains: KDE Frameworks 5.41.0, Plasma 5.11.4 and Applications 17.12.0. All based on Qt 5.9.3 and exclusive for Slackware-current.
There’s again a choice of ‘latest‘ and ‘testing‘ where the ‘testing’ repository contains 17 recompiled packages that provide a Wayland compositor stack. This means you can have a working Plasma5 Wayland session if you use ‘testing‘ as opposed to ‘latest‘.
The ‘testing‘ repository is for… testing. Do not use those packages on a production environment unless you are familiar with Slackware, debugging graphical sessions and know your way around slackpkg/slackpkg+.

What’s new in the December release

  •  Several recompiled/upgraded ‘deps’: OpenAL, PyQt5, cfitsio, ddcutil, gpgme, json-glib, libburn, libpwquality, libxkbcommon, lmdb and poppler.
  • The telepathy section of the ‘deps’ also saw several upgrades: libaccounts-glib, libaccounts-qt5, libnice, libsignon-glib, signon, signon-plugin-oauth2, signon-ui, telegram-qt, telepathy-gabble, telepathy-glib, telepathy-logger-qt5, telepathy-mission-control, telepathy-morse and telepathy-qt5.
  • The Frameworks update is a stability release, see: .
  • The Plasma updates are also a meant to be a stability update, see .
    I compiled plasma5-nm against openconnect so that it picks up support for it. However I did not add a ‘openconnect‘ package to the ‘deps’ section, you need to install it separately if you need it.
  • Applications 17.12.0 is where the hammer hits. KDE Applications 17.12 is the first release that sheds its KDE4 legacy. Any program which was not yet ported to KDE Frameworks 5 has been removed. This means that we say goodbye to the following packages:
    libkface (unmaintained), blogilo (unmaintained and broken), jovie (replaced by Qt Speech), kaccessible (superseded by Qt5 functionality), ksaneplugin (no one used it), kde-runtime (split up), kremotecontrol, kppp, kfilereplace, klinkstatus, kopete and kscd (I did not have a package for kscd anyway).
    New to the stage is ‘ksmtp’ which belongs to the KDEPIM suite (also part of Applications).
    And ‘kstars’ has moved out of Applications and into applications-extra because it no longer follows the regular release schedule. See .
  • In applications-extra I have added kstars (hm, I already said that). I rebuilt calligra and krita. Upgraded to a newer version are kile, kpmcore and partitionmanager. Removed is kuser because that was still KDE4 based and no longer works now.
  • I have emptied the kde/kde4 and kde/kde4-extragear subdirectories except for the ‘kdelibs’ package. The ‘oxygen-gtk2’ package has moved to ‘applications-extra’ because it may still be needed for Mozilla-based browsers (like Pale Moon).
    If you have a KDE4-based application that needs library support on this Plasma 5 desktop, let me know which of the removed packages needs to return in ‘kde/kde4’! Use the ‘ldd’ command to find what libraries you are missing.
  • The ‘kdei’ subdirectory which used to contain the localization packages, is gone. The Plasma 5 localizations are contained in the packages themselves now. This means that you can no longer selectively install just one language, or even none at all. This will increase the disk space requirements a bit.

Installing or upgrading Frameworks 5, Plasma 5 and Applications

As always, the accompanying README file contains full installation & upgrade instructions. I have some further reading material in case you are interested in the Wayland functionality of the ‘testing’ repository: README.testing.

Recommended reading material

There have been several posts now about KDE 5 for Slackware-current. All of them contain useful information, tips and gotchas. If you want to read them, here they are:

Where to get the new packages for Plasma 5

Package download locations are listed below (you will find the sources in ./source/latest/ and packages in /current/latest/ and /current/testing/ subdirectories). Only “bear” has the packages for now, the mirrors should follow within 24 hours. If you are interested in the development of KDE 5 for Slackware, you can peek at my git repository too.


A new Plasma5 Live ISO image (based on liveslak- has been uploaded to , in case you want to try the new Plasma5 desktop out first in a non-destructive way. Note that this ISO (contrary to last month’s ISO) does not contain Wayland support.

Have fun! Eric


  1. Helios

    Thank you very much !
    I have much less “not found” libraries than before.
    There is still:

    /usr/bin/kuser: => not found

    /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/org/kde/okular/ => not found

  2. alienbob

    Helios, I forgot to remove the ‘kuser’ package. It is a KDE4 application and will no longer work unless I re-add most of the old ‘kde4’ directory.
    As for the ‘’ error, if you found that using the “ldd” tool then that is understandable. The library is in the /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/ directory which is not searched by “ldd”.

  3. Alexx

    Thanks for the update.
    For current everything seems to be ok, but I don’t understand for 14.2. It’s supposed to be “frozen” but “kdei” and other packages mentioned are removed, like for current, but packages are just removed, nothing is updated for 14.2?

  4. alienbob

    Alexx indeed, I was a bit too rash in removing stuff. The 14.2 repsitory suffered from that. I am copying back the removed files as we speak and will rebuild the repository metadata, then upload.

  5. Darth Vader

    Hi, Eric!

    Congratulation for update! Also I appreciate well your movement from i486 to i586. That helps the DE to behave faster in some low powered systems. Wise decision! Thanks you!

    And a question: your movement to a “KDE4 free” build include the removal of the ability of a random end-user to add back custom KDE4 support as he imagine?

    I ask that, because as likely you know already, my current Plasma 5 experiments has as final objectives to create my own custom KDE4 support for running some closed source software which needs it.

    Let’s say, are preventive actions from when Plasma 5 will be adopted by Slackware.

  6. LoneStar

    well done, Eric!

    speaking of what’s not working anymore…

    it does compile, it doesn’t have any missing library, but when pushing F12 the drop down window says unable to load the konsole component…

    Gonna investigate if there’s any KF5 git branch.

  7. LoneStar

    Nevermind. I found there is a much newer release of Yakuake than the one present in Version 3.0.4 works normally in kde4-free environment.

  8. Gérard Monpontet

    Just update my packages with your, no problem 😉

  9. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! Downloading now. Kind of sad to see KUser and Kppp go. But now IIRC correctly there is a user management module in systemsettings. And I have fond memories of using kppp to connect to the internet way back then. But it’s great to see Plasma moving ahead.

    Thanks again! I expect the upgrade to proceed without issue.

  10. Janis

    Hi, Eric!
    Would the “frozen” mean that for 14.2 the November release will be the last one?

  11. Darth Vader


    I guess so…

    Smells strong as a near adoption of Plasma 5 on -current, even they do not tell us. 😀

  12. Ricardo J. Barberis

    Sad to see 14.2 support droped 🙁

    But I understand the effort needed and the reasons for stoping.

    Maybe it’s time to take the plunge and move to -current 🙂

    Cheers and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

  13. alienbob

    Darth, I cut out all of KDE4 from this december release to make this as clean as possible going forward. I do not know what Patrick will do (re-add KDE4 support libraries or not) but in the meantime, I would like to hear what packages from the old ‘kde4’ and ‘kde4-extragear’ directories you would still require for your KDE4 based software (check the 14.2 repository for those). It would benefit everyone if those requirements are documented.

    Note that some of those old KDE4 packages will not compile from their original sources on -current. That is why I keep the binary packages and do not throw them away.

  14. alienbob

    Janis – yes, “frozen” means that I will no longer update packages in the 14.2 repository. At first I considered updates just for frameworks and plasma and keeping the applications pinned at 17.08.3 but at some point that would start causing compatibility issues. So in the end I decided to stick with what’s available in the 14.2 repository at the moment, because I know that all works together.

  15. Darth Vader


    now I am in “a tour of the battlefield”, studying both the desktop environment and its build-system.

    Meantime, trying to prepare a battle plan.

    Like you said, also to figure out precisely which additional packages I will need to handle.

    So, when I will have questions, I will show them, hopping that in measure you have time, you will be kind to respond.

    For now, so far, so good.

    I am not really a big fan of Plasma’s aspect and ergonomy, but I appreciate very much its visible improvements in stability. Really impressive.

    Honestly, I do not managed to crash it in the last days. OK, I do not tried hard, but still. 😀

  16. alienbob

    Darth, if you have serious questions and constructive comments, for sure I will respond 😉

    KDE community has said goodbye to KDE4 but I assume there will be KDE4 based 3rd party applications for a long time to come. Let’s see how to solve that support issue with a public repository.

  17. Darth Vader


    I completely agree with!

  18. drakeo

    Testing seems there is some work ahead. Play with my install.
    check back in a week or so see what type of changes.

  19. Radical Dreamer

    Thank you Eric! I hope you have a Merry Christmas 🙂

  20. Gérard Monpontet

    Eric, it’s probably my fault, but, it seem that in dep ‘Consolekit2’ is only present, on wayland mirrors 😉

    Merry Christmas to you, your family, and all slackers ;

  21. alienbob

    Gérard there is no need for a newer ConsoleKit2 if you just want to use Plasma5. But it needs an upgrade to satisfy kwin_wayland’s requirement of a logind D-Bus API.

    And even now, ConsoleKit2 and SDDM don’t play nice. SDDM also expects to be interacting with a logind API but the code which was written for that is too systemd-specific and will not (yet) function with the COnsoleKit2 implementation. Work in progress for both teams of developers.

  22. Gérard Monpontet

    Ok Eric, sorry for the noise 😉

  23. Liz Young

    Thanks a lot for the holiday gifts Eric, great work.

    Just unwrapped the newer Firefox too, it sure seems faster and that’s always nice. Plasma 5 upgrade went fine, no problems following the README. So long and thanks for KDE4.

    Hope you are enjoying good beer and sourdough with family and friends. Cheers!

  24. Eduardo

    Eric, I report everything is in working order. The only KDE4 app which I had was ksnip, but with its 1.4.0 release, just days ago, migrated to Qt5. And now the only KDE4 thing which remains is LibreOffice’s KDE4 support. I think we can proceed with getting rid of KDE4 support.

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  25. alienbob

    I think it will be a long way before they get the KDE4 integration of Libre Office ported to Qt5. There’s a GSoC proposal here:

  26. m3lst4d

    You have done an amazing job with getting Plasma5 out to Slackware users and it appreciated very much. Has been so stable compared to tests on other distros, it’s shocking. Happy Holidays, get some rest and keep up the invaluable work you do. ;^D

  27. alienbob

    m3lst4d nice to hear that the Slackware Plasma5 is working so well for you. Happy holidays.

  28. 3DPACTE

    Hi Alien. Many thanks for the work done. It’s great. Slackware-current with Plasma5 works quickly and steadily for me.

  29. Gérard Monpontet

    Two cosmetics in two slack-desc 😉

    partitionmanager (Graphical partition manager for KDE4)
    phonon (multimedia framework for KDE4)

  30. alienbob

    Gérard, thanks for spotting, I fixed those. Patrick will have to take care not to re-use the phonon slack-desc from Slackware 14.2 instead of mine, or the error will creep back in…

  31. F4b1ck

    Hi Eric, in the last two updates I’ve noticed a bug (sort of, I don’t know) that, in the last one, begin to growing. When open configuration panel (systemsettings5), the CPU goes rapidly on ~500% for this application. The panel works fine, but it’s very hungry of CPU. The other problem is with kwin_x11. If set to use openGL compositor (don’t matter if 2.0 or 3.1), the CPU grow very fast over 100% (all measurements came from top). To avoid this, now I’m set to use Xrender. I’ve an NVidia GPU with the latest binary drivers compiled on the 4.9.67 kernel. Can this depend from any plasmashell bug? What you think?

  32. Gérard Monpontet

    I have two or tree little suggestions, before that Pat push plasma5 in slackware-current 😉

    updated xapian-core to 1.4.5:
    this update need recompile akonadi-search and khelpcenter.

    recompile hplip with:

    –disable-qt4 \
    –enable-qt5 \

    and remove sni-qt, who isn’t needed, after this change.

  33. m3lst4d

    Not one single kwin or any app crash period since the upgrade from a fresh install of 14.2!! If anyone wasn’t a Plasma5 fan before, they seriously need to try this build on Slackware!! Absolutely out standing!! I can only imagine that this is truely what the Plasma5 team has been intending to show the world all along!! Will not find a better or more stable (as in not buggy) experience anywhere!!! Thanks so much!!

  34. alienbob

    m3lst4d unfortunately some of the most vocal KDE developers think of Slackware as a backward dino distro and would not touch it if their hair was on fire. Possibly because of my past (also quite vocal) opinions about how they expect(ed) PAM and systemd to be present everywhere and were unwilling to spend time fixing things they saw as being used by only a percent of their audience.

  35. Eduardo

    Minor annoyance in Kmahjongg: when there are no movements left and you press cancel (to undo a few movements and continue the game with different movements) pause and hint do not work anymore.

    Bug reported upstream:

  36. Mestigoth

    When opening Vault it complains about wrong versions installed.
    cryfs: Wrong version installed. The required version is 0.9.6
    encfs: Wrong version installed. The required version is 1.9.1
    encfsctl: Wrong version installed. The required version is 1.9.1

  37. alienbob

    Mestigoth in my repository I do not even have cryfs or encfs.
    Up to previous month’s README I mentioned that you would have to do an install of either of those manually to get the Plasma Vault to work.

  38. Darth Vader

    Eric, I am just curios…

    After in January, the 5.12 will be released as LTS, what you will follow?

    The LTS or the “standard” path, just like until now?

  39. alienbob

    Darth – it’s just Plasma that will get a LTS release. The Frameworks and Applications will move on anyway.
    It will be up to Pat to decide whether the support timeline for Plasma 5.12 LTS is a match with his ideas for Slackware 15. After June 2018 the updates for Plasma 5.12 will come with 3 month intervals so that would be good. The Frameworks are quite stable and if coupled together with Plasma 5.12 would not require to follow all updates. But there’s still the question about what to do with the Applications as they mature and keep getting updates.
    What might happen is that Pat takes the careful path with less frequent updates and following LTS releases where possible. And my ‘ktown’ will remain on the bleeding edge as it has always been.
    That is ‘ktown’s only purpose: be a testing ground for a future Slackware. I will take the latest Frameworks, Plasma and Applications releases and brew something useful out of it.

  40. Darth Vader

    Eric, thanks for explanation!

    BTW, this thing is epic useful for web developing and specially writing markdown docs:

    I can ask you to ensure including it into your (future) build of 5.12 ?

  41. Gérard Monpontet

    0.2.1 is available, now 😉

  42. alienbob

    You missed this, it is already available in my Plasma 5:

    After the 0.2.1 release the code of the plugin has been merged into the repository of Kate, into the subdir addons/preview. Starting with KDE Applications 17.12, the KTextEditor Document Preview Plugin is thus released as part of Kate.

    You just have to go into Kate’s settings, and enable the “Document Preview” plugin.

  43. Darth Vader

    Yep, you are right!

    Thank you!

  44. Gérard Monpontet

    Pass next to, it is time for the year to end, to three or four, we will overcome 😉

  45. Janis


    It seems the lib is missing – at least – korganizer is not able to locate it ( Slack64 14.2/KF5-5.17.11).

  46. Janis

    sorry – my fault…

  47. Ricardo J. Barberis

    Speaking of previews, in case anyone is interested there\’s also this:

    It\’s very nice, but for me it only works if I compile it with QtWebKit instead of QtWebEngine, otherwise it crashes 🙁
    Maybe with a new version of Qt5 it works better, I only tried with 5.7.1.

    I made a slackbuild for it:


  48. alienbob

    Hi Ricardo

    There’s already markdown preview support in Kate (Applications 17.12.0 and newer) using the aforementioned preview plugin. It is generic enough that anything can be rendered as long as the corresponding KPart exists, but it does not work at the moment.
    Work ongoing to fix the bug (Okular does not get the correct mimetype passed and therefore uses TXT instead of MARKDOWN backend for the preview):

  49. Darth Vader

    In fact, the preview plugin shows nothing while editing an existent markdown file.

    Not sure how those things works, if it really use the Okular or needs that kmarkdownwebview extension.

  50. Ricardo J. Barberis

    Eric, yes, ktexteditorpreviewplugin was integrated into KTextEditor according to

    But I think kmarkdownwebview is still released sepparately:

  51. Ricardo J. Barberis

    Ah, I think I know where I’m confused: okular seems to have markdown preview abilities of its own, it doesn’t need kmarkdownwebview.

    So, KTextEditor can either use okular’s KPart or kmarkdownwebview to display markdown previews, right?

  52. alienbob

    Ricardo that is how read it, yes.

  53. Alex

    Hi Eric,

    first of all: Happy New Year, and big thanks for this new release. I just did a fresh install of Slackware64-current on my laptop and added your Plasma5 packages to it. Almost everything seems to work just fine. One little exception is KJots, though, which gives an “Undefined symbol” at start. I guess, the fix might be to compile/link it against updated Akonadi — at least that helped last time. 😉

    But this is only a little annoyancy. Overall this release gives a fantastic desktop experience, thank you so much for making this available to us!

    Among the things I like a lot is Konqueror. With QtWebEngine as the rendering engine it’s finally a viable browser again — I wonder, what Falkon will bring that Konqueror doesn’t have already (but als Falkon is based on QupZilla, it’s going to be an excellent browser, too, for sure). Also, KMail has become insanely fast. This is g-o-o-d!

  54. alienbob

    Alex indeed I seem to have forgotten a recompile of kjots.

  55. Alex

    Eric, no worries, and no need for a quick update, BTW. I’d appreciate, if you could include a rebuilt KJots package in one of the next releases. I have used this little gem intensely in the past and therefore have a few “books”, but I can survive a few weeks (or a couple of months or so) without them. No urgent need, so take your time. Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

  56. Darth Vader

    Master Eric-wan Kenobi, when you give us our monthly fix of Plasma 5? 😀

    Playing with KDE’s Neon, I noticed that the Kate behave much better in the latest incarnation of the Applications, then I am very excited to test your take on Plasma 5.11.5 and Applications 16.11.1. 😉

  57. Darth Vader

    Applications 16.12.1, sorry for typo.

  58. Darth Vader

    Applications 17.12.1, damn that auto-correction on my phablet!

  59. Gérard Monpontet

    Compiled, applications 17.12.1, and just compiled frameworks 5.42.0 since an hour, all compil without problem, and seem work correctly 😉

  60. alienbob


    I was trying to get an answer from Pat with regard to his planning with Plasma5 adoption, but did not get feedback. That’s why in Jan’18 there will at least be another release in my monthly series. Based on what will then be the latest and greatest (all of the sources for that Jan’18 release are already available btw). In Feb’18 we will have the LTS release of Plasma (5.12) so hopefully Pat will enter the game then.

  61. Gérard Monpontet

    I think it’s logical, now, to wait plasma 5.12, I will try to compile plasma 5.11.95, next week, for testing 😉

  62. Darth Vader

    Well, Plasma 5.11.5 does not build, it fails on “kwin-kcm” or something, so I rolled back to current latest published.

    Yet, the Frameworks 5.42 build is fine.

  63. Eduardo

    If Pat could adopt Plasma 5 by February would be great.

    I’d like to see a QScintilla compiled for Qt5 with it, hope Pat does it.

  64. Darth Vader

    Eric, I would like to ask a favor for your next Plasma 5 build.

    It is about a small bug, but which disturb me.

    Imagine that you setup in a Konsole profile the font as bold. It will work, but if you reboot the system, the font used by Konsole is the “normal” one.

    IF you set it again, it works. Also, looking in the Konsole configuration, it does the setup. I.e.


    BTW, there is a way to insert proper code snippets in your comments?

  65. Gérard Monpontet

    On current akonadi-search, need rebuild with the new xapian-core package 😉

    I have compiled plasma-5.11.95 with the framework-5.42.0, it compil and work correctly.

  66. Gérard Monpontet

    khelpcenter, need rebuild also, with new xapian-core 😉

  67. alienbob

    Darth, in your post I see mention of a functional bug, I do not see a request for a favor.

    Code snippets are reserved for people with an account on the blog, and my paranoia prevents others from obtaining such an account.

  68. Darth Vader

    Eric, the favor asked is about you to try to find a patch for this bug, for your next Plasma 5 build.

    Maybe I started to become old and slow, but I do not managed (yet) to find a fix for this.

    Like I said, the issue is about keeping the bold font setting on Konsole.

  69. alienbob

    Darth, I have a patch for the kwin-5.11.5 compilation failure. But I do not have access to a working Plasma5 computer until after I compile all the new sources so I can not verify the bug you report for Konsole. No trace of such behaviour on the bugtracker, so my question: can you reproduce the issue with a fresh user account?

  70. Darth Vader

    Same lack of any note of this bug I found myself. Could be something specific to your own build?

    Also, to note that the bug manifest in a fresh user account.

    I tested with multiple fonts: the default Hack and the Terminus.

  71. Darth Vader

    It is a bit similar with

    This does not work:

    echo -e “\033[1mThis is a BOLD line\033[0m”

    In the sense that the used font is the regular one.

    BUT, like I said, is easy to reproduce the issue:

    Open a Konsole, edit the current profile and select “bold” for the font. The used font will change to bold.

    Logout and login again, while opening a Konsole, the used font is “regular”, and you need eventually to configure it again.

  72. Gérard Monpontet

    I confirm the ‘Darth’ font problem with konsole i have it, here 😉

  73. Gérard Monpontet

    Maybe i found a patch, for frequent crash on wayland
    I will try to test this patch in the week or next week 😉

  74. alienbob

    Gérard, Darth, I have the ‘bolt font reverts on restart’ issue too, so I guess most people will.
    If you come up with a patch I’ll be interested.

  75. Gérard Monpontet

    In wayland dep source, you have wayland-protocols-1.12, the package in 1.11 version, kdekonnect can be updated to 1.2.1 😉

  76. Darth Vader

    No fix found for Konsole issue … 🙁

  77. alienbob

    Actually Darth, I am running the KDE 5_18.01 now, and to my surprise the bold Hack font I configured in Konsole is still bold after exiting and restarting Konsole (exiting by typing ‘exit’ in every tab to close it). I can switch to and from a default bold font at will and it sticks across restarts.

  78. Darth Vader

    Brilliant, thanks you!

    Sadly, I do not upgraded yet my two Plasma 5 powered computers. Honestly, I “programmed” the upgrade for weekend.

    BTW, I have one under i586 and one under x86_64.

  79. Darth Vader

    WOW! You kept your promise with precision!

    The 18th was the day! 😀

    Now I “inspected” your repo…

  80. Anonymous

    Thank you for Plasma5, I’m using it now on 14.2.
    There is one small issue though: /tmp/kde- folder is not created on startup. I think startkde v4 calls ‘lnusertemp tmp’, should the same be done for v5?

  81. alienbob

    Anonymous, never seen that on my computers. Is it generating issues or errors on your computer?

  82. Anonymous

    I have not noticed any explicit issues. Some KDE programs are using the /tmp/kde-user path (e.g. K3b); it is also convenient for me to have an auto-cleaned folder for temp files since /tmp is not cleaned in Slackware by default.
    Is this folder recreated for you? If so, do you know which script lnusertemp gets called from?

  83. alienbob

    You can simply add a few lines in /etc/rc.d/rc.local_shutdown (create that file and make it executable if it does not yet exist) to wipe out the content of /tmp/ if you wish. Any directories and files that were created there, will be re-created if needed.
    Some people put /tmp on a RAM filesystem, that’s being re-created on every boot too. I don’t see issues with that. I don’t see a /tmp/user-$USER created on my Plasma5 either.

  84. Anonymous

    I’ve realized lnusertemp is removed from plasma 5 and /tmp/kde-user is apparently deprecated.
    Thanks for suggestions, I’ll find a way.

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