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Chromium 96 update (also for ungoogled variant)

I have uploaded a set of new packages, both for Chromium 96.0.4664.93 and its “un-googled” variant.

I am lagging a bit behind on the source release which happened last monday, but my mind is occupied with all the stuff that is needed to get ready for out-of-the-box SecureBoot support.
You can get the chromium and chromium-ungoogled packages from – so go grab them! They address several vulnerabilities as usual with these updates.

Reminder: you can read my earlier article “How to un-google your Chromium browser experience” to understand how it differs from the regular Chromium.



  1. Kirby

    Thanks for all you do. If it wasn’t for you I might not even be running Slack anymore.
    And yeah – I understand about your last post on the forum. I feel the same way. I’ll send you a few bucks next month to buy yourself some La Trappe Tripel.

  2. Eduardo

    Hi Eric! Thanks for the chromium releases!
    Unfortunately your regular (googled) 96.0.4664.110 build seems to have again a problem with sound. I cannot use the microphone on my online classes. Was there a change in parameters? Thanks again!

    • alienbob

      No problem here using the microphone. I did not have to add configuration files to work around issues… for me it works as intended.
      Just tested on Jitsi Meet (public URL: with audio and video in this Chromium browser in which I am typing my reply.

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