Chromium 75 available as Slackware packages (32bit and 64bit)

The Chromium 75 sources were released last week by Google, and this new major release contains 42 fixes for security issues. A couple of them are serious enough that you are encouraged to update to the new 75 release ASAP.
In terms of functionality, not much changed in Chromium 75, but there is one interesting addition that you may want to try if you read a lot of content online. It’s called “Reader Mode” and is still disabled by default, You can enable it through the Chrome flag “chrome://flags/#enable-reader-mode“. The reader mode strips away page clutter like buttons, background images and changes the page layout for better readability.
After enabling this feature and re-launching the browser, it can be activated on the page you are currently viewing via Chromium’s top-right menu (the ‘3 vertical dots’) and selecting “Distill page“.
I still need to an in-depth comparison of this new built-in functionality with that of the Chrome extension “Reader View” which I have installed and was using so far. To give an example: this is the Wikipedia page for Slackware.

If you select “Distill page” from the 3-dot menu you will see this un-cluttered reader view:

At the moment I think that the 3rd-party plugin gives more flexibility and capabilities but the built-in functionality at least allows you to get rid of a plugin that you need to authorize to read all your online data.

From a packager’s perspective, upgrading to a new major release always is a mix of hoping and praying that the compilation does not get stuck on too many road blocks thanks to developers who mess with build and installation routines. But I am happy to inform you that even the 32bit package compiled without any issue.
I built the packages for chromium-75.0.3770.80 during the Pentecost weekend and they are now ready for download. Primary site is but please use any of its mirrors; they are usually much faster. Try or for instance.
I verified that the Widevine CDM plugin (for Netflix movie streaming) is still working. Time to watch the new season of Happy!

Enjoy! Eric

13 thoughts on “Chromium 75 available as Slackware packages (32bit and 64bit)

  1. Yeah I had grown quite accustomed to the Andreas theme that defined the public face of my blog from day one. But it did not work all that well on my smartphone and I had been looking for a responsive theme with a contemporary look that takes more advantage of screen real estate.
    Not sure yet if this is going to be *the* theme for the next couple of years though.

  2. Thank you Eric
    The 14.2 and current versions appear to be identical – same md5 – for both 32bit and 64bit….
    and the 14.2 requires a later glibc than is in 14.2 (I think).

  3. peebee,

    The chromium package is built on Slackware 14.2 with patches applied (i.e. be sure to install the more recent glibc in ./patches/packages), and it is indeed the same package that is made available for slackware-current. No need to compile twice if it works.

  4. I’ve seen this theme used on other blogs, I quite like it 🙂

    Also your old theme took some time to load on my machine, this one seems faster in that regard.


  5. Hi Eric
    The latest in patches appears to be:
    glibc-2.23-i586-4_slack14.2.txz 2017-08-09 18:02 5.2M
    whereas the new chromium-75 14.2 build wants:
    chromium: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.28′ not found (required by chromium)
    chromium: /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.29′ not found (required by chromium)

  6. peebee, my chromium 75 package installed on Slackware64 14.2 here at home (with the latest glibc-2.23 for Slackware64 14.2 installed) starts and runs just fine.
    You must have installed something from -current that is getting picked up as a dynamic library by chromium?

  7. Chromium 75 on lightly customized Slackware64 14.2 working after updating via slackpkg+ and doing the usual stuff – checking online email, downloading, watching youtube videos, posting here.

    I haven’t had any of the problems peebee has reported.

    I can’t help peebee but Eric, I wanted to let you know that my upgrade went perfectly.



  8. Ricardo,
    Yes, page loading is faster. In particular the images seem to be loading slower the larger the SQLite backend becomes and that did not improve with the new theme. But at least the blog text is loading immediately now.
    I am using SQLite for this blog because I do not want a dependency on a database server. That SQLite database is currently 42 MB in size.

  9. peebee, apologies… I had checked the 64bit package… but indeed the 32bit chromium package that I made available for Slackware 14.2 was actually built on -current which is the cause of the error you see.
    I will quickly restore the older 74.x package for 32bit slackware-14.2 while I compile a new 32bit chromium-75 package.

    1. Many thanks Eric. I hoped I wasn’t giving you erroneous problems to sort – I’m sure you’ve got plenty of real ones……….. but its nice to know I hadn’t got it wrong! Cheers pb

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