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Chromium 74 available in my repository. Also for 32bit Slackware.

The Chromium 74 sources were released a few days ago by Google, and it comes with a long list of fixes for security issues.
I spent almost two months to investigate why the 32bit package could no longer be built (which is one of the reasons why there were so few updates in march and april – I only have a few hours every day that I can spend on Slackware these days) and had finally managed to compile a 32bit package for Chromium 73 in a 32bit chroot environment on a 64bit Slackware OS, and that package was online for one day…. and now I tried compiling the new release on a regular 32bit Slackware OS and that worked! No idea whether this is because of my modifications of the SlackBuild.
The packages for chromium-74.0.3729.108 are now ready for download from or, or any other mirror.
I verified that the Widevine CDM (for Netflix movie streaming) is still working.

Also, I uploaded new versions ( of the Adobe Flash plugin for Mozilla– and Google-compatible browsers. These too come with critical security fixes.


  1. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric!

  2. KG Hammarlund

    Thanks a lot for the upgrade – I notice that the pepperflash plugin works again! (Not in Vivaldi, though, so I guess that there has been some change in the Chromium code that hasn’t found its way into Vivaldi yet).
    Sorry to see in your other post about your health issues, I do hope you’ll find a way – and time – to recover.

  3. alienbob

    Hi KG Hammarlund,

    I applied a patch in my Chromium package (backported from the upstream source repository) which fixes a crash in the Pepperflash plugin. That is why it works again šŸ™‚
    About my health… yeah there are issues, but my condition went sideways seriously last monday and I am now confined to my bed, cannot walk or sit for more than a minute. Typing on my side… that is a pain on top of pains.

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