Beta alert: KDE 4.5 beta2 for the adventurous

I hinted at this in my previous post; I have been building packages for the second beta of KDE SC 4.5.

I was not so sure if I should make them publicly available after I had installed them on my laptop running Slackware64 and very soon, noticed some serious issues:

  • I can not have virtual desktops with separate widget sets for instance.
  • I had some initial problems with KDM which is now configured to run as a non-existing “kdm” user – but I patched “/etc/kde/kdm/kdmrc” and reverted to the old, working, situation.
  • The drop-down menu when you click on the “cashew” in the top-right corner has many double or even triple entries, which is very annoying

However, in the meantime I received positive feedback from people who are eager and willing to test the beta packages. Good, thank you! That made me feel all warm inside!

All the joking aside, I am glad with the reponses to my blog posts. It’s what drives me to create these packages for you.

Here they are (64-bit as well as 32-bit):

You’ll notice that there are a few updated dependencies and one new package, libdbusmenu-qt. Grab those too! There are no pre-compiled language packs for now (I just lacked the time), but I have added the sources and updated the build script for “KDEI” so you can easily build a single package yourself. For example, compile the “nl” language pack with this command:

# PKGLANG=nlΒ  ./kde-l10n.SlackBuild

Good luck! Don’t forget to report the bugs you find at and feel free to discuss them in the comments section of this post.

By the time KDE4.5 sees its first Release Candidate, I will have updated the Qt4 package too. At this moment I did not want to diverge too much from Slackware 13.1.

Cheers, Eric

14 thoughts on “Beta alert: KDE 4.5 beta2 for the adventurous

  1. I was wondering if the polkit-kde and polkit-qt sources weren’t included on purpose? The versions don’t seem to have changed, but they are still required by the KDE.SlackBuild.

    As always, thanks for all the work! πŸ™‚

  2. @damgar:
    If you look closely you will notice that there are no new polkit-qt and polkit-kde packages. I only built the KDE core packages, and if you want to repeat that you should not call the KDE.SlackBuild just like that, but give it a quote-enclosed list of the packages you want to build. Like so:
    ./KDE.SlackBuild “kdelibs kdepimlibs kdebase”
    which will build only these three packages.


  3. Ah! Thank you very much! I’ve been fumbling with the KDE.Slackbuilds since 4.4.4 (I wasn’t sure if you were going to continue to build packages after 4.4.3 made it into 13.1), and that is a much easier way to do a partial build than what I’d cobbled together! Thanks Eric.

  4. So far, the only bug i noticed in addition to the ones Eric has already quoted is the wallpaper setting. Indeed, after each reboot, the desktop wallpaper always comes back to the default one, which is the Ethais wallpaper.
    On the other side, this release has solved has one of the problem I used to have with my laptop. With the KDE SC 4.4.4 series, when I close the laptop lid, there was no way to log in again later as the login prompt completely disappears. Installing the 4.5 beta2 fixes the issue.

  5. The wallpaper bug is the same here. On the plus side though I’ve been using konqueror as my exclusive browser and of the crashes I had under 4.4.4 now seem to be fixed. Overall it seems to continue in the “a little snappier” direction.

  6. the installation worked fine.

    Also I made the kdei*pt_BR*txz using the src just editing the file
    4.4.4/source/kdei/kde-l10n.SlackBuild (s/4.4.4/4.4.85/)

    # PKGLANG=pt_BR ./kde-l10n.SlackBuild

  7. It’s a desktop bug in general it seems, because even if I switch the desktop to folderview it reverts back to the default desktop.

  8. Going well. apart from the wallpaper going black on occassion whichs need a restart of X.

    Thanks forall the work. Also saw your comments about digikam but not before I’d spent half a day pissing about with it. crazy situation. Mike

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