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You probably know that I have produced quite a bit of SlackBuild scripts so far. All these scripts are similar because they are built from my template script. A template that changes over time of course. It is part of what I call Alien’s SlackBuild Toolkit or AST for short. AST consists of several scripts and configuration files which I never made public (and probably never will).

What you may not know yet is that I have a web-based form available using these AST scripts. The web-based form is a generator for SlackBuild scripts. You have to supply it a few pieces of input – obvious things like the package name, the version of the software, it’s homepage and so on.

If you want to see how that works, I invite you to click on and just try it out. The script it produces contain a copyright line which I ask to leave intact should you decide to use it to build a package.


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    Thank’s for share this with us

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