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Alien’s SlackBuild Toolkit

Some time ago I posted a blurb about “AST”, which is my “Alien’s SlackBuild Toolkit”. It is a web-based application for people who want to build a package for Slackware and don’t feel comfortable writing a build script. AST will ask you a few questions and then produces a SlackBuild script and slack-desc file which will usually need only small final adjustments.

The SlackBuild script it produced was derived on the template I use for my own scripts (see Since my previous blog post, I have received feedback from users who wanted to have more choice in the template to use for their scripts.

So, I sat down at the drawing board and expanded AST. The result is that you can now choose from three templates. The default template is still my own, called “web“. The two others are “sbo” which is based on the template script, and “bare” which is modeled after the scripts being used in Slackware.

I hope you like it – feedback always welcome.

Have fun! Eric


You probably know that I have produced quite a bit of SlackBuild scripts so far. All these scripts are similar because they are built from my template script. A template that changes over time of course. It is part of what I call Alien’s SlackBuild Toolkit or AST for short. AST consists of several scripts and configuration files which I never made public (and probably never will).

What you may not know yet is that I have a web-based form available using these AST scripts. The web-based form is a generator for SlackBuild scripts. You have to supply it a few pieces of input – obvious things like the package name, the version of the software, it’s homepage and so on.

If you want to see how that works, I invite you to click on and just try it out. The script it produces contain a copyright line which I ask to leave intact should you decide to use it to build a package.


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