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X264 encoder gains blu-ray encoding capability

Interesting piece of information in the #videolan IRC channel today: the X264 encoder (producing the video format commonly used in MKV and MP4 movies) is now capable of producing Blu-Ray compliant video.

Until now, the free software world was not equipped with anything capable of producing Blu-Ray video discs. With the video encoding now taken care of (Blu-Ray audio can be produced with free AC3 audio encoders), all that is left is the authoring tool. This should be less of a challenge than writing the encoders. The VLMC movie creator project which uses the VideoLAN library (which in turn contains the X264 library) will hopefully pick up this exciting new capability.

Read all about it on Dark Shikari’s developer-blog:



  1. escaflown

    Hello Eric,
    It’s completely off topic… I noticed that mkinitrd have been updated in current and the -K option now works. Still, my keyfile on my usb key is not detected at boot. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

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