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Updates for Chromium and Flash

Adobe did their monthly security dance and as a result, Google also updated their Chrome browser with the new PepperFlash Plugin. That Chrome release meant that I could compile a new Chromium from the updated sources.

Chromium and Pepper Flash:

chromium_icon The update to my Chromium package was not just triggered by the update (in Chrome) of the Pepper Flash plugin. Chromium 36.0.1985.143 comes with a couple of critical bug fixes:

  • [$2000][390174] High CVE-2014-3165: Use-after-free in web sockets. Credit to Collin Payne.
  • [398925] High CVE-2014-3166: Information disclosure in SPDY. Credit to Antoine Delignat-Lavaud.
  • [400950] CVE-2014-3167: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives.

Note that I also updated the package for chromium-pepperflash-plugin to version it contains the newest library, taken from the official Google Chrome binaries and is a recommended companion for the new Chromium package.

Linux Flash:

adobe_flash_8s600x600_2 The Flash updates are released for all platforms, one of them is the “legacy” Linux NPAPI plugin for Mozilla-compatible browsers. See Adobe’s monthly security bulletin for all the version numbers and vulnerabilities. The Linux flashplayer-plugin went up to


  1. slack

    Hi, where can I find older versions of your packages? There are slowdowns on new chromium with Flash videos on my machine.

  2. alexiev

    Thanks for update , but still very annoying that full screen do not remain when clicking in the other desktop (with 2 or more monitors). And every time I need to “hack” this “_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW” thing … and change it in editor (I use emacs …)

  3. alienbob

    Hi slack

    I do not have older version of my packages available online. If you do not keep them then you are out of luck.

    I have seen the same issue with HTML5 playback in Chromium (not Flash). My best advice to you is to open a bug report if you can not find an existing bug report.

  4. slack

    I switched to chromium from Firefox a few weeks ago and now such revelation… I reported the bug and from what I’ve read more people are having problems with it. Too bad there are no older packages around, previous version worked perfect.

  5. Regnad Kcin

    Just a note: SCIM Chinese character input isn’t working with Chromium, but it works fine with Firefox, etc. Cut and paste of characters from other apps does work: {??? ??????} (Thank you, R. Kcin.)

  6. V. T. Eric Layton


    I’ve recently switched to Chromium from FF. I appreciate the updates greatly, as I now depend on your repos for all things Chromium (I built my own Google-Chrome, but use Chromium as my default browser).

    One of these days, when my financial situation improves just a wee bit, I’ll be clicking that donate button and sending you some monetary appreciation for all you do for Slackware and its community.

    Thanks, man!


    ~Eric L. (aka Nocturnal Slacker, vtel57)

    P.S. I was just thinking the other day that you must have an entire staff keeping up with all the updates for all that software in your personal repos. If you’re doing it all yourself, man, when do you sleep? 😉

  7. alienbob

    Hi Nocturnal Slacker

    I do all of my stuff on my own, and I still get 6 hours of sleep usually. Truth is, most of my time is spent on packaging thee days, and I am no longer able to do much of the fundamental improvement work on Slackware like I used to do years ago.
    Perhaps I should re-evaluate my activities… if only Slackware-current would get a reasonably modern KDE, that would free up some time here!

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