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Taper mirror down temporarily


My mirror server is temporarily down.

This server is in fact a virtual machine and the physical host is being moved to another data center. I am not the host server’s owner, it is a donation made by a generous Slackware user that allows me to operate the virtual server using a big bandwidth connection.

Thanks again to the anonymous donor. I know his identity of course, but he wants to remain anonymous. I was not even allowed to mention his company name on the web site…

I’ll bring the mirror server back up as soon as possible, but it will all depend on the logistics of moving the physical hardware and contract negotiations.




  1. Hernan

    Oh no!!! is dying !!!

    (just kidding)

  2. Eduardo

    Every time I download something from I am astounded by the sheer speed of it. Eric, please give my thanks to that generous person for his invaluable contribution.

  3. alienbob

    The server is back up folks.

    It’s running on a different IP now ( and the internet connection is no longer a gigabit (unfortunately… my sponsor had to cut down on his operational costs) but it should still be a decent mirror.


  4. dj

    i am not a slackware user (although, i have been tempted). recently I’ve read a few articles (slashdot/lwn/etc) about the dead slackware server. I bought a second hand server from some company upgrading its data center a few years ago. recently, it has been under utilized.

    i thought about offering it to Peter Volkerding when i first heard about the situation, but then i thought it would be insulting. generally when i hear of hardware donations ( i think it was from HP donating debian or ubuntu a bunch of high-end servers about a year ago) it is some really serious hardware.

    But when i read this article:

    I realized that my server is much much better than connie ( no offense, intended ). It is a 32bit, dual xeon, dell poweredge 2650 with a couple of scsi drives and a raid controller. It only has one or two gig of ram installed, but its still much more than connie.

    If you know how to get in touch with peter and if he is interested, i would be glad to donate it to him/slackware. the only problem would be getting the server to him.

    Based on an interview i read, I think i am one state away from his residence ( but my memory about where he lives may be faulty ).

  5. dj

    eh, patrick not peter.

  6. alienbob

    Hi dj,

    Thanks for your concern and feedback 🙂
    Patrick Volkerding can be reached at “volkerdi at slackware dot com”. I know that is he is talking to several parties about hosting the Slackware servers either as physical or as virtual servers, but I have no idea how serious these talks are or if they will result in anything. So, feel free to email him!


  7. dj

    thanks, i have sent him an e-mail.

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