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Some recent package updates: chromium (-ungoogled), ffmpeg, handbrake, pipewire-jack

Chromium, regular and un-googled.

Google is speeding up its Chromium release cycle. Let’s see if I can keep up since I also build the -ungoogled variant. The latest update is 116.0.5845.140 and addresses a vulnerability.
You can now upgrade to my latest chromium and chromium-ungoogled packages. The updated Slackware 15.0 and -current packages both for chromium and chromium-ungoogled are available in my repository and its mirrors (like my own US server and the UK mirror).


A recent upgrade of Vulkan in slackware-current prompted a rebuild of the ffmpeg 5.1.3 distro package, and for the same reason I had to recompile my enhanced ffmpeg package for -current. I used the opportunity to add an embedded version of SVT-AV1, an open source AV1 video encoder originally developed by Intel in collaboration with Netflix and later adopted by the Alliance for Open Media. My ffmpeg package already contains an AV1 decoder: the dav1d library, but now you can have a go at creating your own video in AV1 format.
Get ffmpeg-5.1.3 for -current here (unrestricted distribution) or here (this version can encode AAC audio and hence restricted to distribution outside the US).


The version of this package targeting slackware-current also needed a recompile due to the Vulkan update in -current and here I used the opportunity to apply a minor version upgrade.
Get handbrake-1.6.1 here (unrestricted distribution) or here (this version can encode AAC audio and hence restricted to distribution outside the US).


In slackware-current, pipewire is a moving target. I know that a lot of people have switched from using pulseaudio and jack to just pipewire with varying levels of success. I keep offering the Jack Audio Connection Kit support libraries for pipewire which are not present in the Slackware pipewire package, simply because Pat compiles pipewire without jack installed.
Note: my pipewire-jack package is not replacing Slackware’s pipewire! It’s an add-on which depends on my jack2 package being installed as well. It’s quite similar in purpose to my pulseaudio-jack package which aims to add support for Jack in pulseaudio.
Get pipewire-jack-0.3.79 here.

Enjoy the weekend! Eric


  1. Jen

    And, it should be noted, that 0.3.79 of pipewire fixes jack, so it actually works again. ;^)

  2. EdTheTech

    Thanks Eric!

    Hrmmm, I am often confused by your terminology in versions, should not the free world version be the normal version? With the U.S.A. version called restricted?
    Since it’s only restricted in the USA?
    Some people I talk to always thought the restricted version was for US and unrestricted version was the one they want, only to download and install and find things don’t work as expected because they actually need to restricted version which is really the unrestricted version, the one they need since they are not in USA 🙂
    I am glad you have pointed this out in this article however 🙂

    • alienbob

      Indeed, “restricted” in terms of distribution, not in terms of functionality.
      It is a historical choice: my primary package repository is on and this server is located in the US. I am not allowed to host software on that server which is in violation of US patents, so I setup the “restricted” repository outside the US.

  3. Konrad J Hambrick

    Thanks for all the new packages Eric.

    I am up-to-date with handbrake-1.6.1-x86_64-1alien, chromium-ungoogled-116.0.5845.140-x86_64-1alien and chromium-116.0.5845.140-x86_64-1alien

    Thanks again !

    — kjh

  4. Marco

    Thanks for Chromium-ungoogled update 116.0.5845.179 !

  5. alienbob

    FYI, Chromium 116.0.5845.187 is now available in my repository and the Un-googled version is compiling.

    I also tried my luck with the early-access version 117.0.5938.48 but I can’t get that to compile successfully (and did not have the time to debug). Once the actual stable 117 release is generally available, I will try again.

  6. Marco

    Has this got anything to do with it?
    More memory needed for compiling?

    • alienbob

      I compile in a virtual machine with 24 GB RAM, so that’s not the issue. The clang would not compile.

  7. Marco

    Well, at least the 116.0.5845.187 version has got the zero day exploit fixed as well.

    • Konrad J Hambrick

      Woo Hoo !

      Thanks for libreoffice-7.5.6-x86_64-1alien, chromium-116.0.5845.187-x86_64-1alien and chromium-ungoogled-116.0.5845.187-x86_64-1alien

      All are working very well as always.

      Thanks Eric !

      — kjh

  8. Janis

    Could it be so that by some grave coincidence Chromium package for 15.0 has something broken? I get such notifications:
    The chromedriver version (116.0.5845.179) detected in PATH at /usr/bin/chromedriver might not be compatible with the detected chrome version (117.0.5938.62); currently, chromedriver 117.0.5938.62 is recommended for chrome 117.*, so it is advised to delete the driver in PATH and retry
    On the slackware-current, using the same chromium package version for current, I do not get such messages

    I noticed the problem since three consecutive upgrades of chromium package.

    • alienbob

      Sounds like you also have the closed-source Chrome installed in version 117. As Marco already said, I do not have a Chromium 117 package available for download.

      • Janis

        mystery… I don’t recall myself installing anything other than your packages. May be it has smth to do with Python (I am using Selenium)

        • alienbob

          Selenium uses Chromedriver (which is essentially a Chromium binary) for its automation – and the latest stable version found at is 117.0.5938.62. This chromedriver is supposed to be used by Selenium but it actually finds the version installed by my Chromium package.
          It’s your computer and you get to find the fix 🙂

  9. Marco

    What if you try to upgrade to version 116.0.5845.187 ? And Eric didn’t post 117 yet, so how did you get it?

  10. TheTKS

    Thanks again for quick updates. Chromium ungoogled 116.0.5845.187 working well here. LibreOffice 7.6.1 working well here.


    • alienbob

      A chromium 117.0.5938.62 is around the corner. I am running it here since yesterday but the 32bit build box froze overnight and I had to restart. The Ungoogled variant is almost ready as a 64bit package, and when that is OK I will upload them all.

  11. Marco

    Glad you managed to build version 117 ! Thanks!
    It’s already updated to 117.0.5938.88, but not with important fixes it seems, at least not for Linux.

    • alienbob

      Well at least the site icons on the gazillion tabs in my browser display properly again in Chromium 117…
      Luckily the AdPrivacy disaster in Google Chrome is not repeating itself in Chromium, none of those settings are available here.
      For completeness’ sake: in closed-source official Chrome, go to chrome://settings/adPrivacy and disable “Ad topics” (off by default). “Site-suggested ads” and “Ad measurement” as soon as you can.

  12. Konrad J Hambrick

    Eric —
    Thanks for chromium-117.0.5938.62-x86_64-1alien and chromium-ungoogled-117.0.5938.62-x86_64-1alien
    They’re both running fine on my Slackware64 15.0 System.
    — kjh

  13. Janis

    Thank you very much, Eric!

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