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slackware64 – yay!

[tap tap tap]… Is this thing on? 😉

Ready or not, Slackware has now gone 64-bit with an official x86_64 port being maintained in-sync with the regular x86 -current branch. DVDs will be available for purchase from the Slackware store when Slackware 13.0 is released. Many thanks go out to the Slackware team for their help with this branch and a special thank you to Eric Hameleers who did the real heavy lifting re-compiling everything for this architecture, testing, re-testing, and staying in-sync with -current.

We’ve been developing and testing Slackware64 for quite a while. Most of the team is already using Slackware64 on their personal machines, and things are working well enough that it is time to let the community check our work.

We’d like to thank the unofficial 64 bit projects for taking up the slack for us for so long so that we could take our time getting everything just right. Without those alternatives, we would have been pressured to get things out before they were really ready.

As always — have fun!

Pat and the Slackware crew

There you have it – the official 64bit version of Slackware 🙂 Eight months in the making, running stable and fast on the developers’computers for over four months now. Time to allow more people to enjoy it.



  1. cycojesus

    yes yes YES

    Oh my goodness thanks for this excellent news, nothing could have pleased mych for breakfast

  2. Ellendhel

    Just one word : thanks !

  3. jnylin

    Wow, thank you!

  4. Cuetzpallin

    An excellent news

  5. Gunnar

    Thanks for your significant efforts making this happen!

  6. gregor


    just tried out the daily iso:
    lvm, dmcrypt, ext4 etc. worked without glitches – great work

  7. Vito

    Great Shot!

  8. Carlos

    This is something long waited for not few slackers… Thanks to all the slackware team!!! LONG LIVE TO SLACKWARE!!!

  9. daniel forga

    was about time 🙂

    thumbs up for eric with his heavy lifting stuff 😛

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