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It was not announced with a lot of brouhaha, but there is a significant change on this Slackware page: As you can see, the old (and seriously outdated) Slackware Package Browser (PB) has been replaced with a new one, developed by Mario of

Please check out the new PB at and give your feedback. Robby Workman has been working hard behind the scenes to create a Slackware mirror infrastructure based on MirrorBrain and the new PB hooks directly into this new mirror infrastructure. A big hooray for both Robby and Mario!

On a related note: if you are willing to setup and maintain a Slackware mirror that should become part of the new mirror infrastructure, you should definitely check out the mirroring guidelines.



  1. Ellendhel


    Just a little idea: it’s possible to download packages, but what about .txt and .txz.asc files?

  2. Fish_Kungfu

    Looks great!

  3. Janis

    As for me – User Vulgaris – i see no big difference comparing to simple ftp site browsing using FF/SM/etc.

    Not clear, why under details mirror list is placed.

  4. Janis

    btw- ffplugin is void

  5. alienbob

    Hi Janis

    Yes, the ffplugin has not yet been enabled apparently. The original site under Mario’s own domain name, does have a working search plugin.

    Mario and Robby are apparently working together to get the PB hosted on a Slackware-controlled server (none of has access to the backend, the code or the CSS) and I guess once we have a copy we will also address this kind of questions.

    As for your other remark (no big difference comparing to simple ftp site) I guess you have not yet tried searching for individual filenames. Finding out what package contains “libflam3.a” is hard if you browse the ftp site using firefox…


  6. Janis

    as User Vulgaris, I even not suspected existence of such functionality.

    It is great indeed! Good work!

  7. mario

    Hey guys, I was not expecting this would hit the news like this, but the two most obvious bugs are firefox plugin and I am going to link mirrors on the search engine with Robby’s mirrorbrain tommorow. Feel free to report any bugs, and do keep in mind its still kind of beta running from domain :^)

  8. matteo

    Hi, your mirror is added in my Slackware package search engine


  9. Robby Workman

    Matteo (slackabduction):
    You should not need to use any other mirror than for official packages – it will transparently redirect clients to a nearby mirror.
    If there are other mirrors that are not listed in my database, those mirror admins need to get in touch with me.

  10. mario

    The most obvious bugs have been attended to, firefox plugin, Robby’s mirrors, w3c and theme fixes, feel free to report any other that might be lurking around. Actually any sort of feedback is welcome. And, most importantly, do enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it!

  11. matteo

    @Robby, ok i can leave only for official pkgs. just a question, when i try to donwload a file it seems always the same url source, where i can check if i’m downloading from a nearest mirror?

  12. Robby Workman

    Thanks, mario 🙂
    matteo: append “.mirrorlist” to any url and you will get a list of mirrors that have the file. If there are mirrors not listed there, then those mirror admins need to contact me and we will discuss what has to happen for them to be listed. Re always getting the same mirror, you probably *should* be – unless you’re moving around, the closest mirror to you won’t be changing 🙂

  13. Ellendhel

    > it’s possible to download packages, but what about .txt and .txz.asc files?

    Just to be clear: I was talking about the search function, with package details result, not by browsing mirrored files of course.

  14. chrisretusn

    My hat is off to Robby and Mario. Nice Work and thanks for all the effort you have and still are putting in to this. It a lot nicer than the old package browser. A big BZ to all.

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