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Slackware 13.1 BETA1

My shiny new KDE 4.4.3 packages were short-lived… surprising perhaps, but I knew it was going to happen.

Pat Volkerding “grabbed” the sources I have accumulated at (they were mostly his to start with of course) and added KDE SC 4.4.3 officially to Slackware-current. This update marks the first beta release of Slackware 13.1 folks!

This blog gets a nice mention in the “Thu May  6 21:02:02 UTC 2010” ChangeLog entry too 🙂

Do not forget to update your slackpkg blacklist file if you had added my packages there. None of my KDE packages are needed anymore.

Enjoy, Eric


  1. LoneStar

    well, they aren’t needed until KDE 4.4.4 or some other new version pops out 😉

  2. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

    Thanks for all your hard work for maintaining KDE 4.4.x series and finally make it into 13.1.

  3. grincheux

    So Slackware 13.1 should be shipped with KDE 4.4.3, as a result, will you work on the next maintenance releases from the 4.4 trunk ?
    By the way, thanks to have pushed the 4.4.x in the pipe, I’m looking foreward to give it a try ! ;-))

  4. Mike

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Ben

    Thanks for the good work!

  6. wojitecks

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  7. Christophe Nguyen

    Thanks again for the good work.

  8. mike_booth

    Good work.Unfotunately since upgrading I can no longer compile. Get the following error which means nothing to me.
    /usr/lib/ undefined reference to std::ctype::_M_widen_init() const@GLIBCXX_3.4.11′

    I/ve tried to compile ktorrent, knero and digikam with the same result. Anyone know how to fix it please,,


  9. Bogdan

    Cool thing you have done with the KDE4.4.3 package. They seem to be working OK with the mention that kio_sftp is missing from this release. The lib and .desktop file can be borrowed from KDE 4.3.5 but I thought I’d mention this because I think there is a configure option that was left out and probably others out there use sftp in Konqueror and Dolphin.

  10. alienbob

    The sftp kioslave in KDE 4.4 needs an external library calld “libssh” which I did not add because the bad reviews the quality of that code has gotten in the past. If the libssh developers get their act together then it might have a chance of getting added to Slackware in future, in which case a new compilation of KDE would automatically enable kio_sftp.


  11. widya walesa

    just asking, can we drop the gtk gui of MPlayer and using smplayer instead on next slackware release? thanks for the answer.

  12. alienbob

    The GTK gui of MPlayer is part of the MPlayer source. The smplayer GUI looks nice, but it is Qt4 based and not everybody will have Qt4 installed. You never know what will happen in a future release.


  13. Ugg

    kio_fish fails to connect to any Windows SSHD server (such as freeSSHd or WinSSHD). Fortunately, libssh and kio_sftp are both available in sbopkg and they build correctly on Slack 13.1 64bit. Just thought I would mention this for those that still need sftp:// in KDE.

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