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Security updates for glibc and chromium

Two reminders about security related package updates in my repositories.

Google released an update to its chromium sources last week and I built packages for Slackware (14.2 and -current). You may already have seen them appear if you follow the ChangeLog.txt for my repository.
Get Chromium 97.0.4692.99 now, because it addresses one critical vulnerability (CVE-2022-0289):

The GNU C Library (glibc) package for Slackware was rebuilt and hence also my multilib packages for glibc needed an update, after two security vulnerabilities were fixed (CVE-2021-3998 and CVE-2021-3999).
The multilib glibc packages (release 2.33, build ‘5alien’) can be found at .




  1. Slacker

    Thanks Eric!

    Also, related to Chrome, not Chromium, supposedly Google is killing the Floccing FloC –

    Which supposedly will launch with “only” 300 topics expanding later to “more” (maybe thousands). And nobody understand this Topics thing yet, if it’s part of the Chrome software or not or how it will really work.

    TBD if it’s any less evil that the Floccing FloC, or more likely just a cynical name change because Topics is so much more warm fuzzy and huggable than Floccing FloC, according to Google PR droids.

  2. wirelessmc on LQ

    I’ve been meaning to chime in here on the Chromium build that I upgraded to shortly after this post. The tabs no longer seem to be drag-able. When I attempt to move a tab it will only detach to a separate window and will not reattach. Maybe this is intended behavior? (If so I’m not liking it). Or maybe I haven’t figured out an advanced setting for tabs??

    • alienbob

      This was a bug that got fixed in the Chromium 98 series. I guess you are not fully uptodate yet.

  3. wirelessmc on LQ

    Ya – late to the party. Just upgraded to 98 series and tab dancing again 🙂
    I must have missed your announcement for the new chromium.

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