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Rainy weekend update

Last week was another busy working week at the office, but I still managed to update some of my packages.I also prepared sources and scripts for the just-released KDE 4.11-beta but I am not going to build those packages yet. I will probably wait for the first release candidate. There are almost 30 new packages due to the splitting of the bigger source tarballs for  kdeadmin, kdenetwork, kdesdk and kdetoys into smaller sub-packages. That meant, writing almost 30 new slack-desc files and updating the module definitions. If anyone is interested enough to want to compile this him- or herself, let me know and I will upload the sources to my ktown repository.

Speaking of repositories, you surely noticed that my packages for the various Slackware releases and architectures are all organized by program name, not by Slackware release/architecture. This makes it difficult for some repository search engines (like,, to add my repositories to their database. Some time ago I created two “shadow” repositories to overcome their problems. In (mirrored from the master repo on and I have re-organized all packages by Slackware release and architecture. These two shadow repositories are using hard links to the original repositories so that they almost do not take up any additional space in the filesystem if you download them with a tool which can preserve hard-links (like rsync’s “-H” option). I hope these repository search engines will start using the shadow repository information. For instance, all packages I have for Slackware64 14.0 can be found under

What package updates came out of the hat this week?


Another Adobe security bulletin apsb13-16, mentions a vulnerability CVE-2013-3343 in the Flashplayer plugin for webbrowsers. I built new packages for the version which closes the hole.


I updated my packages to version 1.2. Actually I had built these packages a while ago but had forgotten to upload them to my repository.

Calibre and python-lxml

The newest release of Calibre, the e-book management and library software, is able to read and convert Microsoft DOCX files. In order to achieve that, it needs a version of the Python lxml library which I did not use yet. I discovered this by accident (because the Calibre site does not mention the correct version as minimum version dependency). You will need the version 3.2.1 of the python-lxml package. I also updated the internally used version of lxml in my Slackware 13.37 package (you may recall that the Slackware 13.37 package has Qt4, Python 3.7.5 and a lot of supporting libraries compiled into the package because Slackware’s versions are too old).

Qbittorrent and libtorrent-rasterbar

There was a new release of the qbittorrent software a few months ago which I had not yet packaged. Qbittorrent is my favourite Bittorrent software and an update was long overdue. The libtorrent-rasterbar library on which qbittorrent depends, was updated as well.

Have fun! Eric



  1. matteo

    thanks for the notice!

  2. silviu

    Thanks as always for your work 🙂

    One question, I suppose those links are automatically generated? i.e. will an update show there just as quick as in the classic repo?

  3. fgcl2k

    “writing almost 30 new slack-desc files and updating the module definitions …”
    You have been punished for writing
    “Packaging a new KDE Software Compilation is verging on boring”.

  4. alienbob

    Silviu, the two repositories are always in sync, unless I screw up and forget to update the “shadow repository” – that needs a separate script to be executed.


  5. Phil Bevan

    Unfortunately it seems the upgrade to ffmpeg has broken minidlna. The package for minidlna on your server seems also to be well out of date.

  6. alienbob

    Hi Phil

    I will upload a set of minidlna-1.0.26 packages which I compiled against ffmpeg 1.2.
    I want to examine the new minidlna-1.1 a bit better before I try compiling and packaging it (it’s build system is different from the 1.0.x releases)… but I do not have the time for that right now.


  7. Phil Bevan

    Hi Eric
    Cheers for such a quick response


  8. kabamaru

    Hi Eric, thanks for the packages. Small typo in calibre.SlackBuild and calibre.SlackBuild.test:

    NUMJOBS=${NUMJOBS:” -j4 “}

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