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Quanta Plus for KDE4

Tomorrow, KDE release team is going to announce the new KDE 4.7.1. I will post a nice article about my Slackware packages then (they are ready and I am running them on this laptop successfully) but I know that there are some of you who still stick to KDE 3 for a specific reason: Quanta Plus.

The Quanta Plus developers did not port their Web Development program to Qt4… and when KDE 4 was initially released basically that was the end of it.

But to my surprise, these guys have been working on a Qt4 port for a while now, re-creating it as a plugin to kdevelop4.

I thought what the heck, my KDE 4.7 is bleeding edge anyway, so I created package updates for kdevelop and kdevplatform (quanta needed the most recent source code found in their KDE git repositories) and then built a Quanta Plus package for you.

 I never used Quanta Plus so I have no idea if this program is at all functional but it starts, it looks nice and you can leave your remarks  here in the comments section of the blog post after I release it together with the rest of KDE 4.7.1.

Cheers, Eric




  1. Heinz Wiesinger

    Unfortunately Quanta (as a standalone app) is pretty much sacked. At least according to the meeting notes at

  2. Alex

    I did use Quanta, and liked it, because it was easy to use. It had just the functionality I needed at that time, the GUI was intuitive. However, in terms of stability it didn’t score high, not even average. It crashed a lot, to be honest. Nevertheless, I used it, because there were no real alternatives.

    Can’t speak for the new version, obviously, but I hope the new incarnation is much more robust. Anyway, it’s good that it’s back again.

    Thanks for the package!!!


  3. ponce

    I seem to recall that they already have a rough qt4 quanta version in the svn of kdewebdev at the time of 4.2.0 (that wasn’t in the released sources)
    I noticed because at the time I was building from svn tags. 🙂

    on a side note, maybe not the right place and moment, but reading the git commits my eye falled on this
    hope can be useful

  4. alienbob

    Hi Ponce,

    There’s still time to add that memleak patch to my package 🙂

    Hi Heinz

    Yes I saw those meeting minutes, but quanta as a kdevelop plugin should be viable. And it is actively worked on. It starts as if it is a standalone application. Let’s see what the users have to tell about it once I have the packages out.


  5. Nille

    “There’s still time to add that memleak patch to my package”
    Seems pointless since the patch says.
    Fix mem leak (too bad it will not in 4.7.1)

  6. ponce

    I interpreted “too bad the patch is not included in the 4.7.1 release”, but can be I got it wrong.

  7. alienbob

    The patch is not included in KDE 4.7.1 SOURCES.
    That does not imply that it is forbidden to apply the patch to my PACKAGES.


  8. ponce

    thanks for clarifying the meaning, Eric 😀

  9. Nille

    Well i guess i got that wrong.
    If it works in 4.7.1 than add it 🙂

  10. mike

    Unfortunately kdevelop now comes without translations. Is there anything one can do about this?


  11. samy

    i’m looking forward to use Quanta+ again 😉

  12. Butchu

    This is great news. I have multiple websites developed with quanta and I have had to keep old KDE3 version running, just for running quanta,worrying that the project might be dead. I hope this new KDE4 version gets usable in the near future. I heavily need it!

  13. Fred

    Quanta is dead. There are Bluefish which works great on KDE 4.7.3.

  14. Walt

    Quanta may be dead, but it keeps working from the grave. I am using Quanta under KDE4/FreeBSD using the KDE 3.5 libraries to run Quanta. It is also running on Snow Leopard on the Macs and one brave souls is running it on the OSX 10.7 (fink distributions) without a lot of difficulty. It sure would be nice to have a native version on KDE 4.

  15. Silver Moon

    I need the quanta plus web editor for kde4
    where can i get it ?

  16. alienbob

    Hi Silver Moon

    I added Quanta Plus a while back, but since then the developers have stripped the quanta source code from all its components and have added the functionality to kdevelop instead. Quanta’s source repository is nothing more than an empty skeleton at the moment so it will not come back into Slackware.
    From the Slackware-current ChangeLog.txt:
    Tue May 14 06:33:30 UTC 2013
    kde/quanta-29a3f8e_20111223git-x86_64-2.txz: Removed.
    I think this is finally dead since it no longer compiles against the new version of kdevplatform.


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