Last time I updated my OpenJDK packages there was a ton of critical bugfixes which had been applied by the IcedTea community – fixes which Oracle had not yet added to its own version of Java. That version of OpenJDK called itself “Java7 Update 40 Build 31” aka openjdk-7u40_b31.

It took a while for Oracle to release its own 7u40 release – as you know Oracle uses OpenJDK as the base upon which it builds its binary releases of Java SE, but the company sometimes does not respond to critical holes as fast as the IcedTea developers do.

Last friday, the IcedTea team released version 2.4.2 of their “build harness”. This new icedtea release updates its OpenJDK support with a number of (non-critical) bug fixes. It also synchronizes the OpenJDK code with the upstream “Update 40 Build 60” tag. Hence, the new OpenJDK packages which I present to you today are versioned “7u40_b60

You can check out the mailing list announcement for the new release, since there is not yet a blog post on Andrew Hughes‘ site. It will be there shortly, for sure. I will merely list the bugfixes here:

- RH661505: JPEGs with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profiles have wrong colors
- RH995488: Java thinks that the default timezone is Busingen instead of Zurich
- Cleanup file resources properly in TimeZone_md.
- PR1410: Icedtea 2.3.9 fails to build using icedtea 1.12.4
- G477456: emerge fails on pax system: java attempts RWX map, paxctl -m missing
- G478484: patches/boot/ecj-diamond.patch FAILED
- Fix Zero following changes to entry_frame_call_wrapper in 8016131
- RH1008988: Set ZERO_BUILD in flags.make so it is set on rebuilds
- Cast should use same type as GCDrainStackTargetSize (uintx).
- Add casts to fix build on S390

OpenJDK 7u40_b60 for Slackware:


My packages for OpenJDK have been compiled on Slackware 13.37 and are useable on 13.37 as well as 14.0 and -current! (as the screenshot shows). Get them preferably from a mirror site (faster downloads):

Further packages that are recommended/required:

  • Optional: If you want a Java browser-plugin you must install icedtea-web which I also updated a couple of days ago (OpenJDK itself does not contain such a plugin).
  • Required: The rhino package is a dependency of the openjdk/openjre package. It contains the JavaScript engine for OpenJDK.

Note that you should only install one of the two packages, either openjdk or openjre, do not install both at the same time or things will break! The openjdk package contains the jre (java runtime) as well as the java development kit.