OpenJDK 7 Update 9 with IcedTea 2.3.3 fixes security flaws

Shortly after Oracle released its own Update 9 for Java7, there was a similar update from the IcedTea team. New releases of IcedTea for OpenJDK6 and OpenJDK7 fix several critical security bugs. The version of IcedTea which I use (2.3.3) builds a OpenJDK 7 Update 9 package.

I also wanted to inform you about the relevant blog post from one of the main developers: GNU.Andrew (Andrew John Hughes from Redhat). His blog site was down – and it had been down for weeks – but it is available again. Unfortunately there is no news to be found there yet.

The list with security fixes in the IcedTea 2.3.3 build of OpenJDK is impressive:

  - S6631398, CVE-2012-3216: FilePermission improved path checking
  - S7093490: adjust package access in rmiregistry
  - S7143535, CVE-2012-5068: ScriptEngine corrected permissions
  - S7158796, CVE-2012-5070: Tighten properties checking in EnvHelp
  - S7158807: Revise stack management with volatile call sites
  - S7163198, CVE-2012-5076: Tightened package accessibility
  - S7167656, CVE-2012-5077: Multiple Seeders are being created
  - S7169884, CVE-2012-5073: LogManager checks do not work correctly for sub-types
  - S7169887, CVE-2012-5074: Tightened package accessibility
  - S7169888, CVE-2012-5075: Narrowing resource definitions in JMX RMI connector
  - S7172522, CVE-2012-5072: Improve DomainCombiner checking
  - S7186286, CVE-2012-5081: TLS implementation to better adhere to RFC
  - S7189103, CVE-2012-5069: Executors needs to maintain state
  - S7189490: More improvements to DomainCombiner checking
  - S7189567, CVE-2012-5085: java net obselete protocol
  - S7192975, CVE-2012-5071: Issue with JMX reflection
  - S7195194, CVE-2012-5084: Better data validation for Swing
  - S7195549, CVE-2012-5087: Better bean object persistence
  - S7195917, CVE-2012-5086: XMLDecoder parsing at close-time should be improved
  - S7195919, CVE-2012-5979: (sl) ServiceLoader can throw CCE without needing to create instance
  - S7196190, CVE-2012-5088: Improve method of handling MethodHandles
  - S7198296, CVE-2012-5089: Refactor classloader usage
  - S7158800: Improve storage of symbol tables
  - S7158801: Improve VM CompileOnly option
  - S7158804: Improve config file parsing
  - S7198606, CVE-2012-4416: Improve VM optimization


So I guess it is good to upgrade fast! Get my packages (Slackware 13,37 and newer) for OpenJDK 7u9_b30 here:

Further packages that are recommended/required:

  • Optional: If you want a Java browser-plugin you must install icedtea-web (OpenJDK itself does not contain such a plugin).
  • Required: The rhino package is a dependency of the openjdk/openjre package. It contains the JavaScript engine for OpenJDK.

I will repeat these notes:

  • You need to install either the JRE or the JDK package. Not both of them! If you are not a Java developer and never compile Java code, then you do not need the openjdk package and it will be sufficient to install the (smaller) openjre package instead.
  • If you are migrating to OpenJDK after having used Oracle’s Java binaries, make sure that you have removed both “jre” and “jdk” packages. Run a command like “removepkg /var/log/packages/jdk-* ; removepkg /var/log/packages/jre-*” to get rid of both. Then install the openjdk or openjre package. Logout and log back in after this package removal/installation, so that you will get the proper Java environment.
  • Test your java browser plugin online: or .

Good luck! Eric

11 thoughts on “OpenJDK 7 Update 9 with IcedTea 2.3.3 fixes security flaws

  1. I can’t get icedtea-web-1.3-x86_64-2alien.txz to work with Firefox on my Slackware64 14.0 box. It works fine in Chrome.

    It worked with icedtea-web-1.2.1.

    I’ve installed 7u9 and rhino-1_7R3.

    What can I be doing wrong?

  2. Hi Thomas

    What does not work for you? Here on this Slackware64 14 laptop with multilib, and with the openjdk 7u9, rhino 1_7R3 and icedtea-web-1.3-x86_64-2alien packages installed on top I have no issues displaying the Java applets which are embedded in the two test URL’s I liked to in the main article. And the commands:
    $ javaws /usr/share/icedtea-web/about.jnlp
    $ itweb-settings
    work perfectly as well.


  3. After i installed rhino, openjdk and icedtea-web javascript stopped working in all my browsers.
    Do i need to do anything to make it work?
    If i remove the packages it still doesn’t work.
    No i can’t play embedded videos on anymore as i could before.

  4. Hi “Me”

    For me, JavaScript still works OK: the site you link to tells me “JavaScript IS WORKING in your web browser “.

    I did not yet find a site complaining about non-working JavaScript. Can you give an example other than that video web site in a language I do not understand?

    Looking at that site in Chrome I noticed that the video does not play there either, and Chrome’s JavaScript console shows these errors:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: missing / :: feber2.js:54
    Uncaught ReferenceError: getVimeoThumbMedium is not defined :: /video/art/254925/fredagsdansen_2/:1710
    Uncaught ReferenceError: getVimeoThumbMedium is not defined :: /video/art/254925/fredagsdansen_2/:1796
    Uncaught ReferenceError: getVimeoThumbMedium is not defined :: /video/art/254925/fredagsdansen_2/:1964
    Uncaught ReferenceError: checkCookie is not defined :: /video/art/254925/fredagsdansen_2/:2423
    (3)Uncaught ReferenceError: loadVideo is not defined :: /video/art/254925/fredagsdansen_2/:1

    So I guess the error could be in that website’s code.


  5. Hey Eric,

    The two browser Java plugin test URL’s doesn’t report anything back. The first one does not return a pink rectangle with my Java version, and the second one simply states that “Something is wrong. Java is not working”.

    The javaws and itweb-settings both work fine, and the Java plugin is working in Chrome.

    I’ve got the following packages installed:


    If I open the plugin manager in Firefox it reports that I have version 1.3 of the IcedTest-Web plugin.

    I’m baffled.

  6. Hi Thomas

    You could check if the directory /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ contains files or symlinks that aren’t supposed to be there. The icedtea-web package installs a symlink there: -> /usr/lib64/

    Perhaps there is a dead symlink from an earlier package which is interfering. Or perhaps even in your private plugin directory in $HOME : ~/.mozilla/plugins/

  7. Hey Eric,

    Links are all fine, and as I said: It works in Chrome.

    After having mucked around with this for too long, I gave up and installed Oracle Java using the slackbuild found in extras/ and when that also failed in Firefox, I caved in and wiped the Firefox profile. And lo and behold, suddenly Java worked.

    I then removed Oracle Java and installed your packages again, and I now have OpenJRE 7u9 up and running without a hitch.

    So in the end it was “just” a crappy/buggy Firefox profile. I’m sorry for having wasted your time.

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