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New multilib packages for slackware-current

 Earlier today, there was a massive update to Slackware-current. The ride was fun, and I am fairly certain we’ll see some breakage. In fact, we found some already and fixed that in a quick update (mounting of Samba shares was broken after splitting the mount utility for Samba shares into its own “cifs-utils” package).

So, what was updated? The highlights of this batch are:

  • the version of the next release is known: it will be “Slackware 14”.
  • kernel is now 3.2.21 – we will likely stick with the 3.2 series since that will get long-term support.
  • KDE moved up to 4.8.4 (meaning that I can remove my own packages for that version from my ktown repository).
  • gcc was bumped to 4.7.1 to accompany the new kernel.
  • glibc was patched to fix a regression
  • python got updated to 2.7.3 (the switch from the old 2.6.x version meant that every package needed to be recompiled which depends on python)
  • the network scripts (rc.inet1) got support for setting up betwork bridges – something I use every day because it allows me to make my Virtual Machines accessible from other computers in my LAN.
  • lots of other individual updates (the complete ChangeLog.txt entry of “Mon Jun 25 05:17:48 UTC 2012” measures more than 300 lines)

And since glibc was rebuilt and gcc updated, I needed to create multilib versions of those.

They can be found here (all of the mirrors below also offer rsync access):


The update to attica-0.4.0 in slackware-current broke many packages of my KDE 4.9-beta2 set. Head over to my other blog post to find out how to fix that easily!

Have fun! Eric


  1. crond

    hi eric,
    just now I used slackpkg to update the entire system from stable 13.37 to do KDE4.9 testing.
    As of now KDE is 4.8.4
    I am facing a issue with that.
    In the panel I have
    1. kick off application launcher
    which is not showing a pop-up menu when I click that. It was ok with Slackware 13.37’s KDE version.
    Now, I added
    2. Application Launcher, which is working fine.

  2. crond

    hmm…posted in wrong place. re-posted in concern place.
    Just ignore the previous post

  3. Helios

    Thank you for the multilib packages.
    In kde-4.9.0beta2 , soprano and shared-desktop-ontologies seem newer than in slackware-current. I have not updated them. Should I do itr ?

  4. Helios

    I found also that /usr/bin/superkaramba depends on

  5. alienbob

    Hi Helios

    Yes! If you installed KDE 4.9-beta2 you should also update the “deps” which I supplied.

    If you find applications in KDE 4.9-beta2 which depend on the older python2.6 then it should be possible to apply the same trick as I described for attica. Multilple python versions can co-exist, and the symlink “/usr/bin/python” will point to the most recent python version which was installed on the system,.


  6. escaflown

    I hope you the KDE rc1 builds will come out soon.

  7. alienbob


    I am already compiling the 4.9-rc1 packages. The sources should see an official release today, but they made the sources available to packagers only one day in advance of release. I may not be ready in time for the official announcement.


  8. escaflown

    Thanks for the hard work Eric! rc1 will help also with the update in -current for those wo don’t ant two maintain two versions of attica and python

  9. cowlitzron

    I made the multilib update. Af first, I held unto the Alien Pastures version of KDE 4.8.4. But, then X wouldn’t start. Then I removed the Alien exclusion from slaptgetrc and did another update which brought in KDE 4.8.4 from Slackware current. I also removed Soprano 2.7.57 and installed Soprano 2.7.6. Now, KDE 4.8.4 is working well and looks to be of final release quality.

  10. Helios

    After upgrading slackware-current and multilib, Acrobat Reader (which is a 32bits program) did not work : was missing. It was not needed before.
    I had to “convertpkg-compat32” the package xz and install the resulting package.

  11. alienbob


    Did you also upgrade the compat32 packages? The converted slackware-current package aaa_elflibs-compat32-13.37-x86_64-7.txz contains and the symlink (note that Slackware 13.37 had


  12. Helios

    You are right, I did not install aaa_elflibs-compat32-13.37-x86_64-7.txz, but everything seemed to work well before without it. In fact I have only 3 32bits programs working now : acrobat reader, avast and peazip.

  13. Abdur-Rahman Rozell

    Did a massconvert32 with Slackware64-14B1
    install all packages and remastered the iso to do a clean install with the mulitilib packages get the following error with:
    cat: can’t open ‘etc/gtk-2.0/’ : No such
    file or directory

  14. alienbob

    Abdur-Rahman Rozell,

    Don’t worry about that message, it is harmless. The file /etc/gtk-2.0/im-multipress.conf already exists, it is installed by the gtk+2 package and it is removed from the -compat32 package.


  15. David


    I have installed slackware14.0 64bit, I have created 10gb slack.img image and installed custom package for that. It is installed,

    While login I am unable to login, getting error.

    root@slack1464bit:~# chroot /mnt/slack1464
    chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: No such file or directory

    Thanks for advance.


  16. alienbob

    Hi David

    From your story it is not clear what you have installed in that Slackware directory where you are ‘chrooting’ into.
    You mention a “custom package” but do not explain any further.

    Please open a thread on a Slackware forum like which is more appropriate for generic support questions like your have. My blog is not a support forum really. It does not look like your issue is multilib related.


  17. David

    Dear Eric,

    Thanks for your reply,

    1. I have installed slackware14.0 (64bit) in my local machine.

    2. I have created the 10 gb image space in slackware machine using below command.
    (dd if=/dev/zero of=slack14.img bs=1M count=10075).

    3. I have format the image (slack14.img). and
    mount the slack14.img in /mnt/slack1464.
    4. I have installed the custom package through ruby script. The custom package for
    installed without any error.

    After that While login the mounting image (/mnt/slack1464).

    root@slack1464bit:~# chroot /mnt/slack1464
    chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: No such file or directory

    earlier I have created the .img image in (slackware13.1 & 13.37) without any error.

    But I am getting the error in Slackware14.0 64bit only.

    Thanks for advance.


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