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New adobe flash player for Linux

Yesterday, Adobe Labs released their “Preview 1” of a new flashplayer browser plugin they have been developing. As you may know, the previous test version of a Linux version of their plugin was withdrawn because it was riddled with security holes, performance issues and suffered from a bad codebase.

The newly developed code seems to be cross-platform since there are preview releases of this Flash Player ‘Square’ to be downloaded for Windows and Mac OS as well.

See for the announcement and downloadables.

So far, I am pleased with the performance and feature-set of this new plugin. Other people report that this plugin finally supports Hulu, which is a US-only video broadcast service so I can not test it from here.

I have created Slackware packages for the new flashplayer (32-bit as well as 64-bit), you can grab those at . These pacakges install the plugin into the generic mozilla plugins directory so that all mozilla-based browsers will be able to use it.



  1. spc

    Thank you Alien Bob.

    PS. I honestly detest flash 🙂


  2. Nick Blizzard

    Thanks Bob. Speed is much improved over the old R45 version.
    p.s. after looking at all the chatter on this being a “beta” release I keep wondering… what do they think the other x64 release was…….. 😉

  3. Scott-271

    Hey Alien Bob,

    Thanks much for this! I have it up and running fine. I tried it on Hulu and it works great, except for full screen – it gets a slightly “jumpy”, but still watchable.

    Later on,

  4. Ponce

    FYI, abobe updated to -p2

  5. Alan

    Thanks Eric!

    I can confirm as well that Hulu is now functional again on 64 bit.

  6. alienbob

    Packages for the preview-2 are now available on


  7. Ponce

    🙂 thanks Eric.

  8. Cool Canuck

    It’s not working for me. If I go to Adobe to test it looks just fine. If I go to, I get “To watch video, you need an Adobe Flash Player Update.Please click to download.” I get the same thing on others. Firefox as well as Chromium. -Slackware 14.1 64 bit. flashplayer-plugin-

    Thanks for all you do. I been using Slackware for decades.

  9. Cool Canuck

    I upgrade Chromium Pepper Flash and now Chromium works fine. I’ve given up on Firefox and Flash.

  10. Geremia

    Unfortunately, this plugin crashes when playing Hulu in Firefox 45.0.

    Hal isn’t required to play Hulu videos?

  11. alienbob

    HAL? That was removed from Slackware a long time ago. I do not know what Hulu is but it is quite probable that it needs something else (not HAL) to make it work.

  12. Geremia

    Hulu is similar to Netflix; it does need HAL (it gives an error message saying HAL is needed and links here).

    Hulu unfortunately doesn’t support HTML5 (yet).

  13. alienbob

    Geremia, you need this:

  14. Geremia

    Thank you! That SlackBuild is quite outdated (hal-flash v.0.1), but using v0.3.3 from GitHub worked!

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