Oh my!

I always liked the Nintendo DS for the innovation it brought to the console market. Nintendo has a unique grasp of what makes a game really good and enjoyable, and they continue to invent hardware which is a match to their games. Here at home we own a Gameboy Advance as well as a Wii console, but until now a DS-Lite has been lacking.

I was tempted to buy one, way back then, for the Linux that you can hack onto it. But Slackware development took enough of my time already, so the idea never became reality. And it never hurts to dream.

Now though, I came across this video:

It demonstrates a software synthesizer, the Korg DS-10, which has recently been released for the Nintendo DS. It is simply amazing what this program is able to do. I watched – and watched again (there is more video footage on YouTube) and found a positive review of the DS-10 on Ars Technica which confirmed the gut feeling I had after watching the demo.

Something that makes me want to buy the DS after all that time…


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