Kernel 5.13 went into Slackware-current; new Live ISOs to celebrate

This week, the Linux 5.13 kernel finally landed in the core distro of Slackware-current after having lived in ‘./testing‘ for a while. Actually it’s the 5.13.2 kernel which had some 800 patches applied compared to 5.13.1.

And with that new 5.13.x kernel series, it looks like a Slackware 15 release is again closer on the horizon.

To celebrate the occasion, I have generated a new batch of ISOs for the Slackware Live Edition. At you will find ISO images for the variants based on the latest release of the liveslak scripts (in this case, version of liveslak).
These Live ISOs boot Slackware -current “Thu Jul 15 22:37:59 UTC 2021” with the new 5.13.2 mainline kernel: SLACKWARE (32bit & 64bit), XFCE (32bit & 64bit), CINNAMON, MATE, DAW and LEAN.

The ‘bonus‘ section contains a batch of squashfs modules you can use with your liveslak (copy them into the ‘addons’ directory of your persistent USB drive) if you want to expand the functionality of the Live OS.
Among these you’ll find the binary nvidia driver (already contained in the CINNAMON, DAW and MATE ISOs by the way); the Broadcom STA wireless driver, Wine 6.12, multilib, the DAW package collection, and a set from my own repository (chromium, libreoffice, veracrypt, vlc etc).

Have fun! Eric

14 thoughts on “Kernel 5.13 went into Slackware-current; new Live ISOs to celebrate

  1. Wonderful news, Eric! Thanks for the update. It is exciting to think that we’re a step closer to the release of Slackware 15.0.

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  3. Thanks Eric. Also thanks for updating Wine. I like to throw a few bucks your way every now and again but I can’t find your donate link anymore. Are you still accepting donations?

    1. Indeed, it looks that the donate link disappeared (along with some other custom HTML) when I migrated the storage backend from a SQLite PDO plugin to a full-fledged MariaDB database.
      I’ll have to retrieve a backup of the old site to have a look at what else went missing.
      Re-adding the Paypal donation link was easy though and it’s there again.

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  5. Awesome work getting these Slackware -current Live ISO’s with kernel 5.13.2 out! 🙂
    If the 701M slackware64-live-xfce-current.iso can fit onto a burnable 700M CD-R and then bootup directly on hardware, that’s great.
    If not, then at least that ISO and your larger Slackware64 ISO’s listed here can certainly be booted as virtual machines to test out, e.g., in virtualbox 🙂

    BTW, it’s absolutely awful about all that historically heavy flooding and destruction that happened along the Maas River basin less than 50km from your own location! 🙁

  6. Much obliged! My laptop has shown a few signs of old age (hardwarewise) and right now I’m waiting for a replacement (to be kept upgraded and standby till needed), so a fresh iso was “just in time”.
    As MattD wrote, throwing a few bucks in your direction makes sense so I’ll hit the PayPal button after posting.

  7. Thanks Eric for providing all those goodies. I don’t personally need a live edition for now but it may come in handy if I have to quickly showcase Slackware to a friend.

  8. I don’t know about you, but we here in Brazil are awesome. Lots of friends in groups, rumors, speculation, we’re really excited to put it into production.
    Thank you so much for keeping this project alive, I’ve been using Slackware for over twenty years. We are really looking forward to it.

  9. Just a note of appreciation and gratitude for all your work. I started messing with Slackware 25 years ago, and I am now enjoying messing with your latest liveslack installer. Let it be known that you spread joy, even in Central Wisconsin.

  10. I have problems with the tp-link archer t4u module, in 14.2 I have it working with the official ones but in your live-current they do not work, I thought that in the kernel 5.13 they would work, module 88x2bu,
    I’m on slackware patreon and asked patrick for a solution to the problem, but it seems to be the kernel guys’ problem

    thanx for your work Eric

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