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KDE 5_16.01 for slackware-current

plasma5_startup I had big issues with my Internet connectivity this past week, when my internet cable modem suddenly died. I was able to use a backup connection on my telephony modem but the 1 Mbit/sec up- and download offered by that outlet was not sufficient for the amounts of data I had to upload. So, I was very happy to get a new modem yesterday evening and found that my 200/20 Mbit/sec connection was restored overnight. That allowed me to upload the latest ‘ktown’ package set to the mirror server. KDE 5_16.01 is now available for your enjoyment. These packages are based on the latest KDE releases: Frameworks 5.18.0, Plasma 5.5.3 and Applications 15.12.1.

What’s new in KDE 5_16.01?

  • Frameworks 5.18.0 is an enhancement release. See .
    • The ‘bluez-qt’ package is now finally being built since Slackware switched to BlueZ 5.
    • Bug 356529 was resolved: the very visible “I18N_PLURAL_ARGUMENT_MISSING” error in various places.
  • Plasma 5.5.3 keeps polishing the 5.5 series. See .
    • Now that Slackware contains PulseAudio, I was able to compile and add the ‘plasma-pa’ package which adds a PulseAudio based volume control Plasmoid for your system tray.
    • Slackware also moved to BlueZ 5 (which caused a requirement for PulseAudio in order to fix the broken BlueTooth audio)  and therefore another new package is available in the Plasma set: ‘bluedevil’.
    • I have added back the previously removed ‘kde-wallpapers’ and ‘oxygen-fonts’ packages to the “plasma-exta” section  (used to be part of Applications) because Plasma 5 was left with just a single ugly wallpaper otherwise and there was a user request for the fonts.
    • Let me also mention again this noteworthy improvement of Plasma 5.5 because some people missed it the previous time:
      • Support for legacy Xembed protocol is back – the blueman and HP systray icons are again visible without having to jump through hoops. The package “xembed-sni-proxy” which I added a few releases earlier, is gone from my repository because its code is now part of Plasma itself. Don’t forget to run “removepkg xembed-sni-proxy“!
  • The Applications 15.12,1 is a bugfix release. For a full list of changes to applications, read this page.
    • After the previous KDE 5_15.12 the overlooked (and therefore missing) ‘baloo5-widgets’ package was added.

Some things to tell about the Plasma 5 dependencies.

  • I upgraded OpenAL again, and rebuilt qt5 and phonon against Slackware’s PulseAudio.
  • There’s a SlackBuild script but no package for “unar” in the repository. Unar is an un-archiver originating from Mac OS-X. The Ark package in KDE Applications can use ‘unar’ to provide RAR view/extraction support, even for the latest RAR formats, but ‘unar’ depends in turn on two pieces of software I did not want to add yet; ‘gnustep-base’ and ‘gnustep-make’. If you really want to have ‘unar’ then download the SBo scripts for these gnustep utilities, build your own packages and then build ‘unar’. Let me know how that went and how big the gnustep packages are.

If you want to test the new release in a Live environment, you need to wait just a little bit longer. I am preparing ISO images for the new 0.4.0 (Beta4) release of my Slackware Live Edition. These ISOs are based on the latest Slackware64-current and the PLASMA5 variant contains my KDE-5_16.01 packages. I hope to be able to upload the ISOs during the weekend.

Installing or upgrading Frameworks 5, Plasma 5 and Applications

You can skip the remainder of the article if you already have my Plasma 5 installed and are familiar with the upgrade process. Otherwise, stay with me and read the rest.

As always, the accompanying README file contains full installation & upgrade instructions. Note that the packages are available in several subdirectories below “kde”, instead of directly in “kde”. This makes it easier for me to do partial updates of packages. The subdirectories are “kde4”, “kde4-extragear”, “frameworks”, “kdepim”, “plasma”, “plasma-extra”, “applications” and “telepathy”.

Upgrading to this KDE 5 is not difficult, especially if you already are running KDE 5_15.12. You will have to remove old KDE 4 packages manually. If you do not have KDE 4 installed at all, you will have to install some of Slackware’s own KDE 4 packages manually.


If you are using slackpkg+, have already moved to KDE 5_15.12 and are adventurous, you can try upgrading using the following set of commands. This should “mostly” work but you still need to check the package lists displayed by slackpkg to verify that you are upgrading all the right packages. Feel free to send me improved instructions if needed. In below example I am assuming that you tagged my KDE 5 repository with the name “ktown_testing” in the configuration file “/etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf“):
# slackpkg update
# slackpkg install ktown_testing (to get the newly added packages from my repo)
# slackpkg install-new (to get the new official Slackware packages that were part of my deps previously)
# slackpkg upgrade ktown_testing (upgrade all existing packages to their latest versions)
# removepkg xembed-sni-proxy ktux amor kde-base-artwork kde-wallpapers kdeartwork (they don’t exist in the repo anymore)
# slackpkg upgrade-all (upgrade the remaining dependencies that were part of my repo previously)

And doublecheck that you have not inadvertently blacklisted my packages in “/etc/slackpkg/blacklist“! Check for the existence of a line in that blacklist file that looks like “[0-9]+alien” and remove it if you find it!

Recommended reading material

There have been several posts now about KDE 5 for Slackware-current. All of them contain useful information, tips and gotchas that I do not want to repeat here, but if you want to read them, here they are:

A note on Frameworks

The KDE Frameworks are extensions on top of Qt 5.x and their usability is not limited to the KDE Software Collection. There are other projects such as LXQT which rely (in part) on the KDE Frameworks, and if you are looking for a proper Frameworks repository which is compatible with Slackware package managers such as slackpkg+, then you can use these URL’s to assure yourself of the latest Frameworks packages for Slackware-current (indeed, this is a sub-tree of my KDE 5 “testing” repository):

Where to get the new packages for Plasma 5

Download locations are listed below (you will find the sources in ./source/5/ and packages in /current/5/ subdirectories). If you are interested in the development of KDE 5 for Slackware, you can peek at my git repository too.

Using a mirror is preferred because you get more bandwidth from a mirror and it’s friendlier to the owners of the master server!

Have fun! Eric


  1. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! I’m downloading this now. Seems exciting!

  2. Willy Arana

    All fine here, thanks Eric! 🙂

  3. _metic

    tigervnc is moaning about not finding this “”

    hence it is not working any longer since this upgrade.

  4. Gérard Monpontet

    Ok, Eric work fine here, juste recompiled dolphin and kde-baseapps whithout baloo4, because i prefer konqueror compiled on qt5 😉

  5. alienbob

    _metic you were probably upgraded from the tigervnc in my repository (which I removed last month) to the tigervnc in Slackware-current’s /extra directory.
    Slackware’s version of the tigervnc package is dynamically compiled against turbojpeg and fltk whereas my package contained static versions of them.
    All you have to do is install the “fltk” package in the /extra directory of slackware-current and tigervnc will work again.

  6. _metic

    Eric thank you for your response, and correct , I installed “fltk” and all with back to normal..

  7. keithpeter

    Installed the 32 bit binaries over a complete Slackware current installation. Followed the appropriate instructions in the README. Rebooted and then found out that I had to rerun xwmconfig and explicitly choose the plasma option which appears at the bottom of the list.

    Then startx into the new KDE which looks very nice. Thanks for the effort.

  8. Gérard Monpontet

    oops Sorry I said something stupid:

    i have juste recompiled kde-baseapps without baloo4 😉

  9. Gérard Monpontet

    i have recompiled kget without nepomuk, work perfectly

    probably nepomuk is obsolet now 😉

  10. Gérard Monpontet

    kactivities depend also of nepomuk, recompiled kactivities, without nepomuk, and nepomuk is not needed now 😉

  11. alienbob

    Yeah, with baloo in the KDE4 of Slackware-current, there is no more need for nepomuk in Plasma 5. Everyone using slackware-current will have their old nepomuk databases migrated to baloo by now.

    I will remove nepomuk in the next edition and see what comes of it.

  12. Fabio

    Hi!! I’ve just upgraded my current64 to this release but now Plasma5 go in crash! The weird thing is that after the error notification all previously opened apps in the session, starts normally, but I haven’t desktop at all and can launch apps only from my yakuake shell (from were I’ve launched firefox to write this).

    The debug informations are this :

    Application: Plasma (plasmashell), signal: Segmentation fault
    Using host libthread_db library “/lib64/”.
    [Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7f86967487c0 (LWP 17762))]

    Thread 3 (Thread 0x7f8680546700 (LWP 17794)):
    #0 0x00007f868e1834fd in poll () at /lib64/
    #1 0x00007f8694581102 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #2 0x00007f8694582c8f in xcb_wait_for_event () at /usr/lib64/
    #3 0x00007f8682d04a99 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #4 0x00007f868ed97f7f in () at /usr/lib64/
    #5 0x00007f868d4e6704 in start_thread () at /usr/lib64/
    #6 0x00007f868e18ef8d in clone () at /lib64/

    Thread 2 (Thread 0x7f867d276700 (LWP 17798)):
    #0 0x00007f8689504b33 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #1 0x00007f868950731a in g_main_context_check () at /usr/lib64/
    #2 0x00007f86895078f8 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #3 0x00007f8689507a5c in g_main_context_iteration () at /usr/lib64/
    #4 0x00007f868efbbc8b in QEventDispatcherGlib::processEvents(QFlags) () at /usr/lib64/
    #5 0x00007f868ef65faa in QEventLoop::exec(QFlags) () at /usr/lib64/
    #6 0x00007f868ed9317c in QThread::exec() () at /usr/lib64/
    #7 0x00007f869305e615 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #8 0x00007f868ed97f7f in () at /usr/lib64/
    #9 0x00007f868d4e6704 in start_thread () at /usr/lib64/
    #10 0x00007f868e18ef8d in clone () at /lib64/

    Thread 1 (Thread 0x7f86967487c0 (LWP 17762)):
    [KCrash Handler]
    #6 0x00007f86949df1a0 in XScreenCount () at /usr/lib64/
    #7 0x00007f8685aaf0da in glXGetClientString () at /usr/lib64/
    #8 0x00007f867f932063 in () at /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/xcbglintegrations/
    #9 0x00007f867f932211 in () at /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/xcbglintegrations/
    #10 0x00007f8693c4d3db in QSGRenderLoop::instance() () at /usr/lib64/
    #11 0x00007f8693c7d155 in QQuickWindowPrivate::init(QQuickWindow*, QQuickRenderControl*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #12 0x00007f8696171d4e in PlasmaQuick::Dialog::Dialog(QQuickItem*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #13 0x00007f86779b2260 in () at /usr/lib64/qt5/qml/org/kde/plasma/core/
    #14 0x00007f8692ffa9ab in QQmlType::create() const () at /usr/lib64/
    #15 0x00007f8693058324 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #16 0x00007f8693058daf in () at /usr/lib64/
    #17 0x00007f8692fe7d87 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #18 0x00007f8692fe85dc in QQmlIncubationController::incubateFor(int) () at /usr/lib64/
    #19 0x00007f86940b4d6c in () at /usr/lib64/
    #20 0x00007f8692fe8449 in QQmlEnginePrivate::incubate(QQmlIncubator&, QQmlContextData*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #21 0x00007f8692fe3dec in QQmlComponent::create(QQmlIncubator&, QQmlContext*, QQmlContext*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #22 0x00007f86940b1b55 in KDeclarative::QmlObject::completeInitialization(QHash const&) () at /usr/lib64/
    #23 0x00007f86940b1bfc in () at /usr/lib64/
    #24 0x00007f86940b1d99 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #25 0x000000000046492b in Osd::Osd(ShellCorona*) ()
    #26 0x0000000000457d62 in ShellCorona::ShellCorona(QObject*) ()
    #27 0x0000000000461039 in ShellManager::loadHandlers() ()
    #28 0x00007f868ef95fc9 in QObject::event(QEvent*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #29 0x00007f869055b16c in QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper(QObject*, QEvent*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #30 0x00007f8690560286 in QApplication::notify(QObject*, QEvent*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #31 0x00007f868ef68443 in QCoreApplication::notifyInternal(QObject*, QEvent*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #32 0x00007f868ef6a766 in QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendPostedEvents(QObject*, int, QThreadData*) () at /usr/lib64/
    #33 0x00007f868efbb863 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #34 0x00007f8689507787 in g_main_context_dispatch () at /usr/lib64/
    #35 0x00007f86895079b8 in () at /usr/lib64/
    #36 0x00007f8689507a5c in g_main_context_iteration () at /usr/lib64/
    #37 0x00007f868efbbc6f in QEventDispatcherGlib::processEvents(QFlags) () at /usr/lib64/
    #38 0x00007f868ef65faa in QEventLoop::exec(QFlags) () at /usr/lib64/
    #39 0x00007f868ef6db3d in QCoreApplication::exec() () at /usr/lib64/
    #40 0x0000000000434027 in main ()

    thanks a lot for all your precious work!!

  13. alienbob

    That sounds like a crash in KWin.
    And the stack trace shows /usr/lib64/ as one of the libraries where the crash occurs.
    What graphics card do you have and did you install any proprietary driver?

  14. Fabio

    Yes, I’ve an NVidia GTS450 and have installed the latest beta drivers from site, 361.43 version, because are the only that compiles right with the latest kernel release in current branch.

  15. Fabio

    Ok. After your comment I’ve checked better the driver and then have downloaded the latest stable version (352.79). Now Plasma5 starts regularly and , apparently, there aren’t other issues. Thanks a lot !!

  16. Arief JR

    Thanks eric, now i can view rar archive with ark. Previously i can’t view rar archive,

    But if there are have two audio volume on tray icon, like me. Just undock tray kmix on setting, if untick this audio volume on system tray icon can’t set audio volume with keyboard shortcut.


  17. LOE

    Arief JR : I have the same things: two icons. 1st from kmix and 2nd from new plasmoid. Both work for me. I think, that any of icons can be removed.

    Keyboard shortcuts not working also. So I revert kernel from 4.4 (slackware-current’s kernel) to previous 4.1.15 and shortcuts works again. Waiting for new kernel to try.

  18. Gérard Monpontet

    kmix is ported on kf5 now,

    just use option ‘-DKMIX_KF5_BUILD=ON’

    it work worke here 😉

  19. Lasieab

    Drag and drop not working from Dolphin, but works from Konqueror. Any known issues?

  20. Arief JR


    With shift + right click on dolphin?

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