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KDE 4.13.2 monthly maintenance release

The monthly maintenance release for KDE was announced earlier today. If you are running Slackware-current, I have fresh packages for KDE 4.13.2. These packages were not tested (and not built) on Slackware 14.1 so beware if you want to try them on 14.1.

I added the promised update of the libssh package in the “deps” subdirectory. This enables the “sfp” kioslave again (the libssh in Slackware is too old).

What’s new in KDE 4.13.2 ?

Well, compared to Slackware’s own KDE, a whole lot 🙂

Compared to the previous KDE 4.13.1 packages which I released last month, not much has changed as this is just a maintenance update. I did however refresh two packages outside of the KDE core: the kdeconnect-kde package and the Calligra office suite (upgraded to 2.8.3 for which the sources were available for three weeks already). Search my older posts on KDE 4.13 if you want to know more about what the highlights of this release cycle are.

How to upgrade to KDE 4.13.2 ?

You will find all the installation/upgrade instructions that you need in the accompanying README file. That README also contains basic information for KDE recompilation using the provided SlackBuild script.

You are strongly advised to read and follow these installation/upgrade instructions!

Where to find packages for KDE 4.13.2 ?

Download locations are listed below (you will find the sources in ./source/4.13.2/ and packages in /current/4.13.2/ subdirectories). Using a mirror is preferred because you get more bandwidth from a mirror and it’s friendlier to the owners of the master server!

Have fun! Eric


  1. zbreaker

    Wow, many thanks for this Eric! My -current install just keeps on getting better and better thanks to your efforts.

  2. Mike Langdon (mlangdn)

    Thanks Eric! Great timing since I’m going on holiday Thursday for nine days. 🙂

  3. LOE

    But sftp don’t work: “authentication fails” with key authentication, while authentication with login:password do work:
    sftp://host/ – don’t work (ssh in terminal do work)
    sftp://login:password@host/ – do work

  4. C. Wizard

    Gwenview reports itself as version 4.13.1, but otherwise, so far, so good.

  5. Deny Dias

    Thanks a lot, Eric.

    LibKGAPI also had some commits in the past week, but the devs choose to not create a new release tag yet. Anyway, I recompiled it after upgrade to your new KDE 4.13.2 packages and the new libssh-0.6.3, rebuilt kdepim-runtime against the refreshed libkgapi and, as usual, everything’s working great.


    PS: Indeed, C. Wizard. Gwenview reports 4.13.1 here too, although the package is tagged with 4.13.2. I don’t think this is an issue, as there are many others that behaves like that. i.e. Kopete package is 4.13.2, for which it reports 1.6.60.

  6. Helios

    Thank you very much for this new version

    Are the packages python-twisted and zope.interface from 4.12.4 still needed ?

  7. alienbob

    When the source to 4.13.2 was released, initially the internal version number of kdelibs was not updated, it remained at 4.13.1 – this was by mistake.
    The kdelibs were updated and then several other packages needed to be recompiled to pick up the correct version. I did recompile gwenview but it did not help apparently.

  8. Gabriel Yong

    Thank you!

  9. lems

    Hi Alien BOB,

    great work as usual. Thanks! Running 4.13.2 on 14.1 32 bit now. So far, I did not experience any issues. What I noticed was that the kdei hard link for x86 is missing. This was quite convenient, would be nice if you could provide that.


    PS: Will you also update flashplayer-plugin? Version is out, and while pipelight is nice, fullscreen is a a bit too slow on my T60 (though HTML5 is already working OKish for YouTube in firefox, fortunately).

  10. alienbob

    Hi lems

    I will add the missing kdei links ASAP.

    The updates to flashplayer-plugin and chromium-pepperflash-plugin are syncing to my repository at this very moment.


  11. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! So far it’s working alright on my machine.

  12. Richard Herbert

    Great work, Eric! I just upgraded from KDE 4.12.5 to 4.13.2 on Slackware 14.1 32 bit without incident. I went ahead because your warning about trying it on 14.1 seemed a bit less, uhm… apocalyptic this time. 😉

  13. Ricardo

    @Helios: I know I’m almost 10 days late but FWIW, I believe python-twisted and zope.interface are only needed for Kahjongg, if you don’t play that game you may remove those 2 packages.


  14. alienbob

    Ricardo, correct.

  15. ZeD

    Thanks for your work, it’s awesome!

    According to newest version of kdeconnect can act also as a touchpad.

    Can you update the packages, please?

  16. alienbob

    Hi ZeD

    No problem, there is a new package for kdeconnect-kde in the repository now.

    I still can not get to the files on my phone although there are no more desktop crashes. I can however share files on my phone and send them to my computer.
    Having an emulated touchpad on the phone is nice too.

  17. Deny Dias

    That touchpad on phone screen is magic! Thanks for request, ZeD. Thanks for provide, Eric.

  18. Robin

    I tried to install kdeconnect-0.7 on the latest KDE version for 14.1, but this didn’t work. Is there any way to get kdeconnect updated for the KDE versions for Slackware stable?

  19. alienbob

    Hi Robin

    I have added an updated version of kdeconnect-kde to the KDE 4.12.5 packages for Slackware 14.1. Give it a try.

    Browsing the phone’s directory structure worked in the virtual machine I used to compile that package and using a fresh user account. SO I guess I will probably be able to solve the browsing error on my desktop machine by deleting the kdeconnect-kde configuration there.


  20. Robin

    Worked great Eric. Thank you so much.

  21. Regnad Kcin

    Kde-connect is very cool and helpful if you have an Android Phone (and Slackware and the Alien updates to KDE!).

  22. Regnad Kcin

    I added sshfs-fuse from the SlackBuild and that seemed to help but not sure if it is necessary or not. Anyway the phone and files are visible in dolphin and file transfer is peachy keen uploading and downloading to the phone.

  23. alienbob

    Yes, sshfs-fuse is mandatory to install if you want filetransfers to work between your computer and phone.

    I still have not figured out where the files go that I transfer to my phone… I can not find them afterwards.


  24. Deny Dias

    Eric, if you’re talking about the ‘Send to’ feature from Dolphin’s context menu, those files are stored to /storage/sdcard0/kdeconnect/[hostname]. At least this is the location in Galaxy S2.

    As for the crashes when using the phone filesystem navigation plugin, they belong to past now. This update solved the issue and now I’m able to navigate and to make file operations anywhere in the phone filesystem. It’s working great here! I even got rid of the ssh server app in the phone, fstab entries and manually crafted Dolphin links that I used before to workaround those crashes.

    I really wish to thank you for this update, as well as the terrific work from Albert Vaca, the KDE Connect author.

  25. Regnad Kcin

    On my Sony Experia L39t the sent files go into the kdeconnect directory, subdirectory oiNKPod. [oiNKPod is my computer… it’s an “oiNKPod”.]

  26. Gerald Morris

    Both Plasma 5.0 and KDE 4.13.3 have been released. Any ET on when you plan to build slackpacks of these?

  27. cwizardone

    Please see,

    Since he is out of the country on a business trip and building the KDE packages is a large project, I doubt we will see new packages until after he has returned.

  28. alienbob

    KDE 4.13.3 was already done this weekend. See

    Plasma 5 will have to wait until august.


  29. Gerald Morris

    Thanx bro! Keep on hacking and Slacking!

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