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Java updates for 2024Q2

Three weeks ago, the quarterly (security and stability) updates to various Java source code repositories were released. This means, new packages for OpenJDK versions 8, 11 and 17 are now in my Slackware repository. It took a while but hey, here they are.
For OpenJDK 8 I still use icedtea to compile the Java sources because it is convenient. The more modern versions like 11 and 17 are easier to compile (plus, icedtea does not support them).

All of these Java packages are nowadays targeting Slackware 15.0 and newer. So, get one of these if you have a need for it (and do not install more than one of them):

  • OpenJDK 8u412_b08 comes as an openjdk package.
  • OpenJDK 11.0.23_9 (aka the 11.0.23 General Availability release) comes as an openjdk11 package.
  • OpenJDK 17.0.11_9 (aka the 17.0.11 General Availability release) comes as an openjdk17 package.

Have fun!



  1. Andrew Patrzalek

    Very good! Thanks!

  2. Dave

    Nice one, thanks Eric.

  3. Andrew Hughes

    Are you planning to also support OpenJDK 21? I know it’s a lot to try and manage four JDKs!

    • alienbob

      Hi there Andrew 🙂
      I have no plans as of yet to support more JDK’s – usually it depends on whether I myself have a need for it, when I consider adding a new package to my repository.
      Is icedtea going to support OpenJDK 21?

  4. Michael

    Great stuff! Just setup a new box yesterday and was able to benefit from this 🙂

    Of course Java 21 will be required at some point but I’m also still on 17.

  5. Jen

    Thanks for the gcc update, too!

  6. Francisco

    Thanks Eric for your time and effort to release this.

    I am happy to see you back in action.


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