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Interview with Patrick Volkerding, tomorrow on LQ

On thursday 7 june 2012, you will finally be able to read a full-scale interview with Patrick Volkerding, founder and head honcho of Slackware. The announcement was made earlier today by Jeremy, who runs, in this thread:

The questions which will be featured have for the most part been asked in that forum thread. I believe that Pat answered all of the ones that have been sent to him by Jeremy. His answers are so detailed, that the article in the Interviews section may get split into two separate halves.

Have fun – tomorrow.




The interview has been posted on



  1. FeyFre

    > thursday 7 june 2012
    It is already 7 june 2012 2:00 AM EEST here. Unfortunately I cannot remember what timezone Jeremy acts on usually.

  2. zbreaker

    Wow..this is very cool. Actually looking forward to the alarm going off tomorrow:)

  3. ArTourter

    Well damn, my productivity may go down the drain tomorrow. 😀

  4. p431i7o

    cool… waiting for it… 😀

  5. Master-Passeli

    Newest Linux User & developer magazine had also some story about Slackware. Probably worth of checking.

  6. alienbob

    I have a digital copy of that feature article, if anyone is interested.


  7. toudi

    great interview

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