I rebuilt the gcc-4.8.0 multilib packages

In Slackware-current there was an update (or rather a rebuild) of the gcc 4.8.0 compiler suite, which re-adds several header files that seem to have accidentally dropped out of the installation.I have applied the same changes to the gcc packages in my multilib repository. The rebuiltgcc-4.8.0_multilib packages can be downloaded from any of these locations (mirror servers may need to catch up still):

Read the articles on docs.slackware.com about how to add or update multilib on your 64-bit Slackware.

Cheers, Eric

9 thoughts on “I rebuilt the gcc-4.8.0 multilib packages

  1. Running slack64current, upgraded to the above multilib. trying to compile kernel 3.8.5. get following error when i issue make menuconfig

    Error: expecting string instruction after rep’

  2. Can’t upgrade from gslapt using …/multilib/14.0 repo, gives HTTP error. I suppose it’s due PACKAGE MIRROR: and PACKAGE LOCATION: mismatch in 14.0/PACKAGES.TXT. Upgrading from …/multilib repo goes OK, but it upgrades to current

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