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I rebuilt the gcc-4.8.0 multilib packages

In Slackware-current there was an update (or rather a rebuild) of the gcc 4.8.0 compiler suite, which re-adds several header files that seem to have accidentally dropped out of the installation.I have applied the same changes to the gcc packages in my multilib repository. The rebuiltgcc-4.8.0_multilib packages can be downloaded from any of these locations (mirror servers may need to catch up still):

Read the articles on about how to add or update multilib on your 64-bit Slackware.

Cheers, Eric


  1. rahul

    Running slack64current, upgraded to the above multilib. trying to compile kernel 3.8.5. get following error when i issue make menuconfig

    Error: expecting string instruction after rep’

  2. Alan Aversa

    @rahul: I get message, too, when building something known as “libblkmaker”. I wonder why.

  3. Alan Aversa

    Looks like it’s a bug: Bug 53847

  4. Alan Aversa

    I’ve been getting a lot of “expecting string instruction after rep'” errors ever since updating to 4.8.0…

  5. alienbob

    I found details about your report on

    Please note that Slackware-current has a more recent version of binutils than you are using (/binutils- in -current versus on your cmputer).
    It looks like you did a partial upgrade?


  6. Alan Aversa

    Yes, it was a version mismatch. I upgraded to binutils- and the issue went away. thanks

  7. bam

    Can’t upgrade from gslapt using …/multilib/14.0 repo, gives HTTP error. I suppose it’s due PACKAGE MIRROR: and PACKAGE LOCATION: mismatch in 14.0/PACKAGES.TXT. Upgrading from …/multilib repo goes OK, but it upgrades to current

  8. alienbob

    bam, ask the slapt-get developers why you get failure. See

    Without you posting your error messages, I can not help you at all. The “PACKAGE LOCATION” lines in 14.0/PACKAGES.TXT are correct for the packages in that directory.
    Can you please also tell me what multilib repository URL you have added in your gslaptrc file?


  9. bam and, the former works but upgrades to current, and the latter is not. Maybe 14.0/PACKAGES.TXT should include PACKAGE MIRROR: strings ended with …/multilib/14.0/?

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