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GCC 9.1.0_multilib for Slackware-current

The GCC compiler suite in slackware-current got a major version bump last week in a dual update (the second update added the new ‘gcc-gdc’ package).
GCC version went up from 8.3.0 to 9.1.0.

I just uploaded the multilib version of the GCC packages, including that ‘gcc-gdc‘ package containing the new ‘D’ compiler.
The set of ‘*compat32’ packages was also refreshed with the latest 32bit binaries from Slackware 14.2 and -current.

Grab the packages from my server or from any mirror (those will have a few hours delay until they catch up).

Have fun, Eric


  1. KG Hammarlund

    Thanks a lot! I thin I owe you a nice, frothing glass of beer (even if we have a cold spring) for your toil. Small donation on its way.

  2. Jeffy

    Thanks very much for being so quick to update these!

  3. chrisretusn

    Thank Eric. Wow, two fast updates to GCC, really surprised to see that in the ChangeLog.txt today. Not surprise to see an update to multilib! Very happy you’re on top of things as usual.

  4. Steve

    Thanks Eric your tireless support of Slackware development especially with multilib which I use on several of my installations. Any plans for the 9.2.0 multilib compiler on the horizon?

  5. alienbob

    When I get back from vacation I might create some packages.

    In the meantime, if you really need a new gcc version (probably only if you want to build a 32bit kernel module on a 64 bit system) then go ahead, download gcc sources from, my gcc-multilib.SlackBuild and apply this patch:

    Then compile away (don’t forget to first install a compat32 version of the 32bit ‘gc’ package or some stuff won’t compile).

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