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Chromium packages refreshed with v58

chromium_iconI really like my new job. It is exciting, rewarding, but also demanding, and I find that I have a lot less free time at hand these days than I used to when I was with IBM. Hacking Slackware is becoming a luxury. Simply, because I realized how easily I can lose my job when an administrator puts my name in a spreadsheet… so I work my ass off and try to convince everyone that I am indispensable. Works so far.
The downside is, I have to skip important software releases that require a lot of investigation or compilation time, until there is a free spot in my schedule. The Chromium 57 ‘stable’ release fell victim to that, and even version 58 was released last week  but I never got to sit down and find out why my compilation failed miserably. I finally found the patch I needed and built packages for a new dependency, nodejs (fortunately nodejs is only needed for the compilation, but not for actually running the browser). So, this morning I uploaded my new packages for chromium-58.0.3029.96… only to find out this evening that there’s already a newer release out, 58.0.3029.110. I guess I am not going to package that.

Anyway, my packages for chromium, and the chromium widevine CDM plugin, are available for Slackware 14.2 and -current in my repository or one of its mirrors:

Have fun! Eric


  1. Pablo

    Thanks Eric!
    I really appreciate your work, your time and dedication.

  2. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric!

  3. Nessuno

    Thank you for your good work!

    I’m afraid that the new 32-bit version in current is no longer compatible with the widevine plug-in…

    At least the two DRMized videos from stopped playing with 58.0.3029.96, while they still works with 57.0.2987.98.

  4. alienbob

    Nessuno , it was bound to happen someday. Pity.

  5. Nessuno

    Maybe I have rushed …

    Videos from, if encrypted with Widevine (you need select them under the drop down box) still play fine with the new version of Chromium.

    So, perhaps it’s still early to call the burial services for Widevine on 32-bit Linux.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for the nuisance!

  6. Micha

    Hey, I just built the newest version with GCC7 and had to add some extra patches, else it would not compile. Found the patches here:

    I added “chromium-v8-gcc7.patch” and “chromium-webkit-fpermissive.patch”

    Greetings 🙂

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