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Chromium package and release update

You have surely noticed an increase in the frequency with which I am releasing new chromium and chromium-ungoogled packages. This is caused by a new release policy from Google, with an update every week and a bump in the major version (currently 117) every month.
I have tried keeping up with that schedule, but I am giving up.
My reasons? One chromium or chromium-ungoogled package takes 11+ hours to compile (part of the Chromium compilation involves compiling Google’s customized clang compiler). Every update, I need to compile 4 packages. It takes away the fun in updating them to be honest. I don’t know for whom I actually create the 32bit packages still.

So, from this moment onwards, my own package release policy changes as follows. I will keep up with the Google source release cycle, but only for the 64bit packages. My 32bit packages for chromium and chromium-ungoogled will be updated no more than once per month, unless there’s a big security hole to be patched.

By the way, I uploaded new chromium packages for 117.0.5938.149 yesterday and today I added its chromium-ungoogled sibling (64bit only).

Find the updated Slackware 15.0 and -current packages both for chromium and chromium-ungoogled in my repository and its mirrors (like my own US server and in a short while, the UK mirror).

Cheers, Eric


  1. Marco

    Maybe people who still can’t do without the 32bit version can let you know here in the comments. And if there are none, then maybe you can decide to not build them anymore?
    I mean, there still is Firefox 32bit for people who need to run a browser on a 32bit system.

  2. Konrad J Hambrick

    Eric —
    Installed chromium-ungoogled-117.0.5938.149-x86_64-1alien and chromium-117.0.5938.149-x86_64-1alien on my Slackware64 15.0 Laptop and they run great as always !
    Thenks for all you do Eric !
    — kjh

  3. Jeffy

    Thanks for you commitment to giving us plebs great Chromium builds. And if you only build and release 64-bit builds once a month I would still be happy and thankful!

    • alienbob

      There will still be 32bit builds in future, just with a somewhat lower frequency (actually with the frequency with which I would release new Chromium packages some years ago).

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