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Chromium critical security update

Earlier this week I already provided a Chromium update in my Slackware repository. That update addressed a critical security issue in the media playback plugin whereby an attacker was able to take over your computer remotely, simply by letting you load an infected page.

But then another critical vulnerability was discovered and two days ago a new Chromium source was released to take care of this security hole in the User Interface code. The new version of Chromium is 77.0.3865.90 and of the four mentioned vulnerabilities on the website, one is a remote-takeover issue.

The packages (for Slackware 14.2 and -current) can be found on my site or any mirror (e.g. Please update at your earliest convenience.

Enjoy! Eric


  1. _peter

    thanks a lot for all these pre-compiled packages:


    it is still your recommendation to access netlfix out of the box on stable 14.2 slackware, right ?

    • alienbob

      Yes, using the two packages you mention you can watch Netflix on Slackware 14.2. Nothing else needed.

  2. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! I applied the update as soon as I could.

  3. Juan

    Hello, thanks for the package, I started to have tearing on an old PC with old nvidia driver since version 75. I noticed that one gpu driver bug workaround changed, there is a way to override this to set it back, or disable this particular workaround from command line? or maybe point to the old workarounds list? Thanks.

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