Chromium 90 packages – again 32bit related issues

There’s new ‘chromium‘ and ‘chromium-widevine-plugin‘ packages in my repository. And chromium-ungoogled packages will follow soon.

Chromium was upgraded to 90.0.4430.72 but unfortunately the 32bit package which I have built (twice) crashes immediately on startup. This happens both on Slackware 14.2 and on -current. The error message looks like it is something different than the glibc-2.3x related seccomp crash behavior in the previous Chromium 89.x releases.
Since I don’t have hardware that is running a 32bit Slackware OS and could only test on QEMU virtual machines so far, I can not confirm with 100% certainty that the new Chromium will or will not work on your 32bit Slackware OS, which is why I also kept the older 32bit chromium-89.0.4389.114 package in the repository.
Let me know about your experiences down here in the comments section! I am getting tired of begging Google developers not to break 32bit binaries every major release. I’d be grateful if people running 32bit Slackware who are affected by the 32bit Chromium crashes, would chime in. Else I will eventually have to drop 32bit support.

There’s also an updated Widevine plugin package, unfortunately Google only released this newer version for 64bit systems. The new 64bit package has version “4.10.2209.1” whereas the 32bit package remains at version “4.10.1582.2”.
Note that this Widevine plugin is meant for chromium-ungoogled only. The ‘real’ Chromium does not need or use it, since Chromium downloads this CDM library automatically for you.

Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Chromium 90 packages – again 32bit related issues

  1. Hello Eric
    Many thanks for persevering with 32-bit versions of Chromium.
    The latest version 90.0.4430.72 runs on a 32-bit Slackware Current “based” system (Puppy Linux) but only with the –disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox switch. Without this switch it does crash but as you say with different error messages to previous versions.
    There is also a 32-bit version available from Snap ( and this behaves similarly – i.e. it needs the switch – but the error message is different.
    Cheers, PeeBee
    Chromium 90.0.4430.72 (Developer Build) by AlienBob packaged for Puppy Linux Run-As-Spot (32-bit)
    Revision b6172ef8d07ef486489a4b11b66b2eaeed50d132-refs/branch-heads/4430@{#1233}
    OS Linux
    JavaScript V8
    User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686 (x86_64)) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/90.0.4430.72 Safari/537.36
    Command Line /usr/lib/chromium/chromium –disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox -test-type –disk-cache-size=10000000 –media-cache-size=10000000 –allow-outdated-plugins –flag-switches-begin –flag-switches-end
    Executable Path /usr/lib/chromium/chromium
    Profile Path /home/spot/.config/chromium/Default

      1. Your build:
        Calling _exit(1). Core file will not be generated.
        Received signal 11 SEGV_MAPERR 000000000000
        #0 0x00005a97dbdf (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x43a2bde)
        #1 0x00005a8dee42 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x4303e41)
        #2 0x00005a97d836 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x43a2835)
        #3 0x0000f7ed1570 ([vdso]+0x56f)
        #4 0x00005c657638 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x607c637)
        #5 0x00005c65df1e (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6082f1d)
        #6 0x00005c65dca2 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6082ca1)
        #7 0x00005c65dc11 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6082c10)
        #8 0x00005c64cb86 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6071b85)
        #9 0x00005c64b13b (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x607013a)
        #10 0x00005c64b9b9 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x60709b8)
        #11 0x00005c649759 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x606e758)
        #12 0x00005a4a3a55 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x3ec8a54)
        #13 0x00005a882844 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x42a7843)
        #14 0x00005a882e39 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x42a7e38)
        #15 0x00005a883b36 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x42a8b35)
        #16 0x00005a881113 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x42a6112)
        #17 0x00005a881b1b (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x42a6b1a)
        #18 0x0000578f5f19 ChromeMain
        #19 0x0000578f5e1f (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x131ae1e)
        #20 0x0000f6761889 __libc_start_main
        gs: 00000063 fs: 00000000 es: 0000002b ds: 0000002b
        edi: ffb382a0 esi: 62a7831c ebp: ffb38278 esp: ffb38260
        ebx: 608040b0 edx: 00000002 ecx: 605dc948 eax: 00000000
        trp: 0000000e err: 00000004 ip: 5c65745a cs: 00000023
        efl: 00210212 usp: ffb38260 ss: 0000002b
        [end of stack trace]

        SNAP build:
        [7220:7252:0419/] Failed to adjust OOM score of renderer with pid 10200: Permission denied (13)

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  3. The 32-bit Chromium 90 (regular and ungoogled versions) run fine if you add the commandline parameter “–disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox” which means it is again a 32bit incompatibility; several others I had already fixed with patches to Chromium 89 but this one is new enough that I can not find a proper recent reference online.

  4. Hi Eric,
    I noticed it has been almost a year since the last calibre update. Have you stopped using calibre? Or do you think Calibre’s provided binary works well enough with Slackware?

    1. I still use Calibre, but I stuck with Calibre 4.15. I lack the time to look into the new requirements that are part of the switch to Python3 and incorporate those into the calibre.SlackBuild

    2. In my experience, calibre’s own script for installing and upgrading binaries works fine on Slackware. But of course one loses the convenient handling that comes with a proper slackware package.

  5. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for your reply. I asked because if your Kindle got a recent firmware update, then all versions prior to Calibre 4.17 (I think) likely lost the cover art thumbnails for side-loaded books.

    I have been using the Calibre single directory install, and just install Calibre in my home directory.

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