Chromium 60 packages available

chromium_iconGoogle released chrome/chromium 60.0.3112.78 on 25 July. My mother-in-law passed away which shifted my priorities this week, but I found some time to compile new packages. In my VM, the 64bit package creation took more than 24 hours… perhaps now is a good time to look at that Ryzen CPU and empty my savings account. This is getting ridiculous.

Note that this is a security release, fixing 40 security issues. Of those, the following are classified as “high risk” (many of them do not yet have their details published at or CVE-2017-5091, CVE-2017-5092, CVE-2017-5093, CVE-2017-5094, CVE-2017-5095, CVE-2017-5096, CVE-2017-5097, CVE-2017-5098, CVE-2017-5099. So I guess you better do the upgrade.

Compiling Chromium requires ninja and nodejs for which I have packages in my repository if you need them. Fortunately ninja and nodejs are only needed for the compilation, not for actually running the browser.

The packages for chromium, and the Widevine CDM plugin (package is called ‘chromium-widevine-plugin‘), are available for Slackware 14.2 and -current in my repository or one of its mirrors:

Have fun! Eric

13 thoughts on “Chromium 60 packages available

  1. LXC is a light container solution which is fine for protecting the host from services you are running on it, but if you are still running the host kernel.
    If you really want a 100% clean solution for compiling software for older Slackware releases (I create packages for as old as Slackware 13.37) you need a VM.

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  3. For some reason, this update gives me blury fonts (both interface and content)? (32bit version)

    Any ideas how to fix this?

  4. Thanks for the build Eric. I have spent the last week trying to build other chromium products. So I can understand the frustration of waiting sever hours to see a build fail.
    In your case like a days worth with your older system.
    I hope one day like here at campus compile on virtual machines running on Blue Waters. When ninja can stack a 10,000 at a time :). Then I woke up :).

  5. Hi Azirek – probably not. Compiling Chromium just takes too long on my current hardware: more than a day, during which I can not compile anything else.
    Perhaps for a future version of the Chromium package, if I have new hardware, I will again build a package for Slackware 14.1 as well.

  6. Alien, do you mind informing which CPU was used to compile this particular version of Chrome? I’m writing an article and I would like to link to this post, if you don’t mind. Thanks!

    1. Way back in 2017 when I built this version of Chromium (not Chrome) I ran my QEMU virtual machines on a AMD Athlon II X4 640 (3000 MHz) with 8 GB of RAM.
      Today using a AMD Ryzen 7 1700 (3.00GHz) with 64 GB of RAM, the compilation speeds in the same QEMU virtual machines are more than 10 times faster.

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