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Chromium 103 (regular and ungoogled) available as Slackware package

Apologies for the delay, I was out of town, but i have finally uploaded my new chromium 103 packages for Slackware 14.2 and newer. Their un-googled siblings are also available. Thanks as always to Eloston and his friends for updating the patch-set for ungoogled-chromium.
Last week saw a Google Chromium update which addresses a series of vulnerabilities, which is nothing new of course, but in particular one security hole that has now been patched would allow remote attackers to take control of your computer and execute arbitrary code. See CVE-2022-2156. An update of your installed browser package seems in order.

You can find the Chromium packages (version 103.0.5060.53) at the usual places: my own repositories of course (or any mirror):

Links to the un-googled chromium:

As stated at the beginning of the article: these packages work on Slackware 14.2 and newer. You can download 32bit as well as 64bit variants.

Enjoy! Eric


  1. Konrad J Hambrick

    Posting via chromium-ungoogled-103.0.5060.53-x86_64-1alien and all is well.
    Thanks as always Eric
    — kjh

    • TheTKS

      Same. Thanks, Eric!

  2. Marco


  3. Marco

    Hi Eric,

    Are you aware that there’s a new version of Chrome (103.0.5060.114) whilst the old version has a known exploit (CVE-2022-2294) ?

    Best wishes, Marco

    • alienbob

      Marco, read the article: “The Stable channel has been updated to 103.0.5060.114 for Windows

  4. Marco

    I always look first at
    and saw the version number was updated for Linux as well. But you’re right, it clearly says only for Windows. I guess the Linux version of WebRTC is not affected?

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