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Chromium 101 for Slackware – ungoogled variant follows soon

Earlier this week, Chromium 101.0.4951.41 was released according the announcement on Google’s releaseblog.
As usual, this release addresses several vulnerabilities of which some have the criticality label “high” – meaning it can crash your browser but not compromise your computer. Interesting again to see an impressive list of high/medium/low vulnerabilities (a total of 30 this time) for which Google paid bounties of over 80,000 dollars in total to their individual reporters.

Get chromium packages here (NL mirror) or here (US mirror).

The chromium-ungoogled packages are currently being compiled but that takes more  than 8 hours per package… so a bit of patience is required. Once they are ready you’ll find them here (NL mirror) or here (US mirror).

Enjoy the weekend, Eric


  1. Regnad Kcin

    Thanks for your continued yeoman’s work. Chromium is more and more needed by me as Mozilla-land continues its decline and frustrates more users. Chromium is less familiar than the mozilla family of tools but has definite advantage in usability

  2. David

    Thanks again for your work on this. I upgraded Firefox on my 14.2-64 pc, and now everything works except Facebook. Chromium-ungoogled is now just for FB, and works well.

  3. alienbob

    The 64bit packages for chromium-ungoogled are in the repository now. The 32bit packages follow tomorrow (saturday).

  4. Konrad J Hambrick

    Awesome, alienbob
    Installed both ; posting this comment from chromium-ungoogled-101.0.4951.41-x86_64-1alien
    Thanks as always !
    — kjh

  5. TheTKS

    Thanks again for keeping your chromium-ungoogled and chromium packages up to date.

    I still use Firefox as my main and Chromium as my backup, but it’s a backup I use regularly. (In contrast to Regnad Kcin, for my usage, I’m not seeing the “Mozilla-land” decline that RK is seeing.)

    As I’ve gotten comfortable using and keeping updated chromium-ungoogled, I’m using it more and regular chromium less on -current, to the point that when I finally installed 15.0 a couple of weeks ago, I only installed chromium-ungoogled and not regular chromium. The latest updates are working as they should.


  6. JanR

    Thanks for this release, Eric.

    It appears that since chromium-100, the browser’s rendering is a bit faster again.

    I’ve also finally managed to workaround the following problems (thanks to that I could finally leave -99. Whats interresting is that the problem no. 1 below didnt appear in -99 for me):

    1. blacked out forms, pulldown menus, facebook smileys and some other elements apparently rendered using acceleration:

    disable ‘GPU rasterization’ in chrome://flags

    (regression discussed here:

    2. parts of webpage disappearing when pointed to by a mouse cursor (plaques apparently all versions of chromium tried)

    workaround 1: (that I’m using): change the size (horizontal size is usually enough) of the browser window until the problem vanishes

    workaround 2: for all scrollable CSS elements on the page (those with “overflow: scroll;”), add “-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);”. Unfortunately, chromium does not seem to know a concept of user-modified CSS rendering (equivalent of “userChrome.css” file in Firefox), so implementing this apparently has to be left only for the pages on the server side.
    This is discussed here:

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