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Chromium 100 out-of-band security update addresses (again) a single vulnerability

I have uploaded new chromium 100 packages for Slackware. The chromium-ungoogled 100 packages are currently being built and will follow shortly.
What’s with all these updates that follow rapidly on each others’ heels? Just like the recent Chromium 99 security update which addressed a single critical vulnerability, last monday Google announced on their official blog the immediate availability of Chromium 100.0.4896.75. This hotfix release plugs a single hole which Google deemed serious enough to warrant the update. See CVE-2022-1232. The difference with last week is that no known exploit of this vulnerability is reported yet.
Still, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade ASAP.

My Chromium 100.0.4896.75 packages can be downloaded from my own repository (or any mirror that has synced up), for instance:

Once I have finished compiling the un-googled version of chromium and uploaded the packages, I will mention it in the comments section below and you can download them from: or .

Until I get tired of compiling for Slackware 14.2 (aka once I have migrated my last server to 15.0) these packages will work on Slackware 14.2 and newer. I provide 32bit as well as 64bit variants.



  1. alienbob

    I added the 64bit package for ‘chromium-ungoogled-100.0.4896.75’ to my repository. The 32bit package will arrive later (it takes 8 hours to compile on my meager infrastructure).

  2. gegechris99

    Thank you for keeping us abreast of the security fixes to chromium (and chromium-ungoogled).
    It gives me confidence to continue to use chromium-ungoogled as my primary browser.

  3. alienbob

    The 32bit packages for ‘chromium-ungoogled-100.0.4896.75’ have now also been added to my repository.

  4. Marco

    No mention on it yet (but in the changelog), but Eric has updated Chromium and Chromium-ungoogled to the latest stable version (100.0.4896.88). Only 64bit.

    • Marco

      And widevine as well to version 4.10.2449.0.

    • alienbob

      The 32bit packages are being compiled still. I hope to have those available in my repository later today.

  5. Jesus M Diaz

    I upgraded yesterday from *chromium-100.0.4896.75-x86_64-1alien* to *chromium-100.0.4896.88-x86_64-1alien* and since the CPU is often up to 100%. Not always, but when it happens, it is Chromium who is consuming most. It usually happens when opening some of the Google Docs tools in the active tab (in this case it was Sheets), and then CPU goes to normal when the tab is still open, but in the background. Anyone else observing this?

    22406 jesusm 20 0 29.3g 500476 127956 R 154.2 3.1 0:10.82 chromium
    21280 jesusm 20 0 25.2g 356092 88540 S 148.2 2.2 1:45.00 chromium
    22214 jesusm 20 0 45.6g 407308 109676 S 17.9 2.5 0:20.23 chromium
    21200 jesusm 20 0 3038704 425816 178464 S 17.6 2.6 0:31.03 chromium
    21236 jesusm 20 0 1160840 153748 94140 S 17.3 0.9 0:14.95 chromium
    1473 root 20 0 517672 78776 11912 S 11.0 0.5 182:33.62 motion
    1506 root 20 0 325344 62996 29904 S 3.0 0.4 20:51.57 Xorg
    1675 jesusm 20 0 1181456 157748 76748 S 3.0 1.0 30:43.56 kwin_x11
    21241 jesusm 20 0 993708 100064 71620 S 2.7 0.6 0:05.56 chromium
    21588 jesusm 20 0 25.3g 209980 98832 S 1.3 1.3 0:11.68 chromium
    21336 jesusm 20 0 25.3g 124080 83492 S 1.0 0.8 0:00.84 chromium
    22445 jesusm 20 0 25.2g 94744 74688 S 1.0 0.6 0:00.15 chromium
    3061 jesusm 20 0 703348 91224 67120 S 0.7 0.6 0:21.39 konsole
    3860 jesusm 20 0 693348 80524 65988 S 0.7 0.5 1:49.04 konsole
    22359 root 20 0 7580 4436 3404 R 0.7 0.0 0:00.04 top
    1378 root 20 0 2744 1784 1636 S 0.3 0.0 0:19.88 acpid
    1696 jesusm 20 0 2775512 270680 120216 S 0.3 1.7 4:38.03 plasmashell

    • alienbob

      Note that I am already compiling Chromium 100.0.4896.127 to address a new exploit…

      • Jesus M Diaz

        ‘chromium-100.0.4896.127-x86_64-1alien’ installed (thanks Eric) but so far same symptom with the CPU very high (I know the new package wasn’t meant to address any potential CPU issue but a sploit, but just in case).

        I am not sure what causes the high CPU. This site, for example, has a normal behaviour, but almost any of the Google Docs tool take the CPU to the max. But gmail doesn’t. An online newspaper like also puts the CPU at max, but only during few minutes (much longer than just loading the page) … So honestly, no clue what’s the trigger.

        • alienbob

          I can not help you with that. Best you can do is post your bug report on Google’s bugtracker for Chromium:

          • Jesus M Diaz

            To double check the problem was indeed introduced with the chromium-100.0.4896.88 package, I’d like to downgrade to your previous one (chromium-100.0.4896.75-x86_64-1alien), but I cannot find it. Do you have or know of an archive with older packages?


          • alienbob

            I don’t keep an online archive of old packages, waste of space.
            I have placed the chromium package you want online for 24 hours so you can download it:

            • Jesus M Diaz

              I really appreciate it. Downloaded and installed, and the problem is still there 🙁

              Will try to trace back what else I did install or upgrade over the last few days to see if I find the problem.

              Thanks a lot for your support.

  6. ryan

    Why has Pat V. stopped supporting Firefox and T-bird on Slackware 14.2?

  7. TheTKS

    Eric, I gave some through Paypal and neglected to leave a note there, so will do it here: thanks for your work helping to make Slackware great, and for your SlackBuilds. Between Slackware64 15.0, -current and 14.2, I have LibreOffice and the latest Chromium and Chromium ungoogled packages (installed via your SlackBuilds) running well on them, as well as OpenJDK.


    • alienbob

      Thanks 🙂

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