Bear is working for its money


This is the bandwidth graph of the last 24 hours for my “bear” server, which I could rent thanks to donations made after the old “taper” server kept buckling under the load of serving Slackware Live ISO images.

Since I made the new Slackware 14.2 data available 24 hours ago, the server has been pushing out 1.67 Terabytes of data, at an average of 155 MBytes/sec. Needless to say that this server was a good investment, I could never have managed this on my old platform.
Thanks for the public interest and have a lot of fun with your shiny new Slackware 14.2 ISO (Live edition or regular installer)!


5 thoughts on “Bear is working for its money

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  2. By the way, I’m curious. Did you sort out that problem with the generic kernel refusing to boot on that hardware? Or do you just stay with the huge kernel?

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