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April ’19 release of OpenJDK 8

icedteaEarly May I was confined to my bed, immobilized on my side and under medication, after I had incurred a second back hernia in four months’ time. And so I missed the announcement on the OpenJDK mailing list about the new icedtea-3.12.0.
Why again is that important? Well, the IcedTea framework is a software harness to compile OpenJDK with ease. Andrew Hughes (aka GNU/Andrew) who is the release manager still did not update his blog with this announcment, but nevertheless:  the new Java8 that we will get is OpenJDK 8u212_b04. This release syncs the OpenJDK support in IcedTea to the official April 2019 security fixes for Java.
I built Slackware packages for Java 8 Update 212 so that you do not have to succumb to the official Oracle binaries which are compiled on God-knows what OS.

It’s about JAVA, so I recommended that you upgrade your OpenJDK 8 or OpenJRE 8 packages to the latest version ASAP.

Here is where you can download the Slackware packages for openjdk and openjre:

If you want to compile OpenJDK 8 yourself you will need apache-ant as well, but otherwise the openjdk/openjre packages have no external dependencies.

Note about usage:

My Java 7 and Java 8 packages (e.g. openjdk7 and openjdk… or openjre7 and openjre) can not co-exist on your computer because they use the same installation directory. You must install either Java 7 or Java 8.

Remember that I release packages for the JRE (runtime environment) and the JDK (development kit) simultaneously, but you only need to install one of the two. The JRE is sufficient if you only want to run Java programs (including Java web plugins). Only in case where you’d want to develop Java programs and need a Java compiler, you are in need of the JDK package.

Enjoy! Eric


  1. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric for the Java update. A cursory test here shows no issues. I’m really grateful.

    I’m glad you’re back but I am sorry that you had to endure such crippling illness. Hope you are ok and I sincerely pray you can get spared of such things in the future.

  2. lnxslck

    Hi Eric, just dropped by to wish you well and thanks for yet another very well welcomed package.

  3. Jeffy

    Thanks Eric!

  4. Jen

    Thanks for this! Ow, back injuries suck. I hurt mine falling on some ice and then lifting a printer wrong a few weeks later. It still isn’t OK.

  5. aaditya

    Thanks Eric, appreciate your hard work. Take care.

  6. Sipi

    Thanks Eric.Is it possible to add a vaapi patch?

  7. alienbob

    A vaapi patch for what reason?

  8. Sipi

    I wrote the wrong topic,sorry.Of course i was talking about chromium.Thank.

  9. alienbob

    I removed the VAAPI patch long ago because of instabilities. When you look at other distros I think it is only Fedora who still apply a VAAPI patch, the others have all come to the same conclusion that it will cause instability.

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