Another Flash player plugin this week

adobe_flash_8s600x600_2 I failed to mention this earlier because of the time I spent on KDE 5, but there was a new Flash from Adobe. following closely on last week’s security fix.

I have packaged the usual suspects: the plugin for chromium (PPAPI) and for mozilla-compatible browsers (NPAPI). If you have pipelight installed, you should run “pipelight-plugin –update” as root to get the latest Flash installed automatically the next time the browser loads the Windows plugin.

The new Slackware package for chromium-pepperflash-plugin has version The updated flashplayer-plugin has version

Download locations have not changed:


5 thoughts on “Another Flash player plugin this week

  1. Only yesterday I upgraded flashplayer-plugin to in my MLED repos… and I was frustrated to see that Flash’s security alert still didn’t go away with that. Does this release finally get rid of that? My clients all phone me to ask me the same question: “am I in danger of ruining my computer?” With all this, my views on Adobe Flash are mostly unprintable.

  2. Thanks Eric! Hope you don’t mind if I point out a typo. Most should know this, but your above command to update the pipelight is incomplete. I should be “pipelight-plugin –update”.

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