Almost weekend again – what’s in store

Just a quick recap of my work during the past week (well… the work that I do besides my paid-for work):

I updated my packages for calibre and chromium with new versions. I updated the set of “compat32” packages for a multilib setup on slackware64-current to match the Slackware packages contained in the new Slackware 14.2 Beta 2.

And I updated the “plasma” package set of my KDE5 (aka Plasma 5) repository on ‘ktown‘; this is also just also for slackware-current. Plasma was upgraded to 5.5.4 which is a new bugfix release.

And there is a bit more, still in the pipeline. I have stamped a “version 0.5.0” onto my liveslak scripts and I am currently in the process of generating new ISO images for my Slackware Live Edition (in full Slackware, Plasma5, Mate and slimmed-down XFCE variants).

After I upload the new ISOs I will update the git repository with liveslak-0.5.0 sources. More about that hopefully tomorrow if my testing yielded good results.

Cheers, Eric

22 thoughts on “Almost weekend again – what’s in store

  1. Hi Lonestar,

    Indeed I had forgotten to mention the Qt5 patch you alerted me to.
    Let’s fix that omission: I have applied a patch to the qt5 package, taken from the FreeBSD repository, which fixes the broken detection of the ALSA version of Slackware-current.
    Recompiling Qt5 with that patch applied has resulted in the creation of a ALSA support library…. that library went missing from the previous package when I enabled PulseAudio support in Qt5.
    The new qt5 package has simultaneous support for ALSA and PulseAudio backends, so people who remove pulseaudio from their computer will not have to recompile the qt5 package. Only the phonon package will have to be recompiled but that is a much smaller package, i.e. better manageable.

  2. Hi Eric,
    due the last update I’ve two bluetooth icon in systray (blueman applet and bluedevil plasmoid), is it safe remove “blueman-2.0.3-x86_64-1” package?
    Of course thanks for all!

  3. You can remove blueman without penalty if you only use KDE (or Plasma5).
    Alternatively you can edit the file “/etc/xdg/autostart/blueman.desktop” and add the following line at the end:


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  5. Mark, Slackware 14.2 will ship with KDE 4.14.3 i.e. what’s already part of -current.
    I assume Plasma 5 will be considered for the release after 14.2… the old KDE4 will have become quite stale by then, no development is being done anymore.

  6. Hi Eric,
    I’m having some trouble with the new calibre package on a Slackware-current installation.
    It seems like there’are some issues between your qt5 package and calibre, as everytime I try to start it i get this error message:
    “This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb””
    Performing an ldd on the library reveals that libxkbcommon and cannot be found on my system.
    I tried installing a libxkbcommon package from SBo but it does not provide the library that seems to be required.
    I saw in your repository a libxkbcommon package, but it is part of the KDE5 dependencies. Should it be installed along with your qt5 package?

  7. warhawk, I will be removing the glib-zoneinfo from the multilib repository. I already did so for -current earlier, and now I will do the same for 14.1, 14.0 and 13.37.
    Then you can upgrade to the glib-zoneinfo package of Slackware itself.

  8. 414n, where does that file come from?
    It is not part of any of my packages. It is also not part of Slackware obviously.
    I do not have the issue you are describing.

  9. 414n, you can simply install the libxcbcommon package from my KDE5 repository to fix your present issue.
    I’ll have to see if I am happy with this unexpected new dependency for the qt5 package which apparently got picked up when I rebuilt Qt5 with that installed on the system.

  10. Sorry to bother you, but after last upgrade of slackware current I receive:
    /usr/lib/ invalid elf header
    and X wan’t to start.
    Please help.

  11. SlsBG that file “/usr/lib/” is actualy pointing to the real library “/lib/”.
    It is part of both the glibc and the glibc-solibs package.
    A probable cause is that you upgraded to the wrong glibc package(s), or something happened while you were installing the glibc packages.
    Double-check: you were running 32bit slackware-current without any issues, until you applied the recent updates to -current? And – you did download your packages from a 32bit slackware-current mirror?

    If it’s just X, and you can still login to the console, try “upgradepkg –reinstall” of the glibc-solibs package, and after that a “upgradepkg –reinstall” of the other glibc packages.

  12. Hi Eric, on one computer I have KDE 5_16.01 and on another – KDE- 4.14.14 (both have slackware-current64). Korganizer calendar on kde5 doesn’t even try to read server items from a ownCloud calendar. On kde4 everything is OK.
    Could it be that kdepim on kde5 would require libical to be version2 ? At present libical is v1 on both boxes.
    There is a discussion in this sense on kde buglist, though it does not mention ownCloud but rather a Kerio server.

    And one more issue. In dolphin filemanager, on kde5 computer kio fish cannot copy remote files with cyrilic names (non latin1).
    But on the kde4 box it does copy them .
    I guess this has to be fixed by the kde developers. Untill then, rsync is the way to go .

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