Adobe Flash security update July ’17

adobe_flash_8s600x600_2This month’s security update for the Flash Player plugin has arrived. The new version is for both the PPAPI (Google Chrome and friends) and the NPAPI (Mozilla Firefox and friends) based plugins.
I know… Flash is a monster and should be killed. But as long as people need it on Slackware, and as long as Adobe keeps releasing Linux plugin updates, I will package them and add them to my repository.

You can find Slackware packages for the Flash plugins in the following locations:

Also security related but nothing to do with either Adobe or CVE’s:

The Veracrypt developers have released version 1.21 of their fork of the abandoned TrueCrypt code. The Slackware ‘veracrypt‘ packages for this new version can be found in the same repositories as mentioned above.

Have fun.

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