Last week the Chromium source code major version was upped to 112. According to the developer blog, this release addresses 16 security issues, none of them critical. Nevertheless, better safe than sorry, so the Slackware packages (15.0 and -current) for Chromium are now ready for downloading from my repository or any of its mirrors. Likewise chromium-ungoogled.

The regular as well as the Un-googled Chromium browser is now at version 112.0.5615.49.
Let’s see what version 113 brings next month – it should have enabled WebGPU by default on ChromeOS even though the Linux builds of Chrome seem to have to wait a bit longer. I wonder if it’s just compile options that I could try to exploit for my Chromium build. I am also curious to see where WebGPU is going to be used in 3D-rendered web applications.

Enjoy! Eric