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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for the tag "kde49"

KDE Software Compilation 4.9 is ready

The release schedule is accurate as always. Today, the release of KDE SC 4.9 was announced on! I could get the sources in time and therefore I am able to present you the Slackware KDE 4.9 packages – for Slackware-current of course (more precise, for Slackware 14 Beta1). I assume that some of you […]

Busy days, not Slackware related

In the next days or weeks, I am going to try and rest and re-vitalize myself. It would be a waste of effort if I burnt myself out. But the shitty weather does not help. Who feels like it is summer in Europe? I have just emptied the buckets in the hallway which caught the […]

Getting closer: KDE 4.9 Release Candidate 1

Today, the KDE team officially announced the first release candidate for KDE Software Compilation 4.9. That is less than a day after the source tarballs were posted on the private area where packagers have access. The new KDE release manager is giving “us packagers” a hard time – it was probably done as a penalty […]

Testing can continue: KDE 4.9 Beta2

The KDE team has officially announced the second beta of KDE Software Compilation 4.9. A more technical overview of the changes with regard to the previous beta can be found on this community page. After an API and feature freeze, it is just bug hunting (and fixing) until we see the arrival of KDE 4.9 […]

Results of a few days of packaging software

I hinted at the upcoming packages in an earlier post. KDE release team had asked on the packagers mailing list if it would be possible for distros to make early betas available of KDE 4.9 because it needs a lot of testing. It took me a while to find out how to build everything and […]